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Serene Haven Presents Valentoine's* in August

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[align=center]Wardens of the Haven


Valentione's* in August

Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 41

Thursday the 18th

5PM PST[/align]





It has been half a year since the Valentione family brought the thrill of love and the stars to the City-states, and the Wardens of the Haven are bringing it all back.


Wardens of the Haven is throwing wide it's doors for a singles night, to bring the world of love to those with desperate hearts that are looking to make that special connection. In honor of love we are offering two for one drink specials and meals designed to be shared by your new love interest. Not interested in food or drink? We will have fortune telling available for those that want the stars to bless their new companionship. 



The host of this event, Bahk Varont, has an affinity for hats of all types. As an excuse to see what manner of wonderful hats visitors might wear, and to help them identify other singles who might find them of interest, he's requested that participants wear a hat of their choice bearing the color of their interest: Interested in males only? Baby blue's your hat color. Interested in females only? Pink's the color for your hat. Open to the possibilities of whomever strikes your fancy? Chirp your preference with a canary yellow hat. Not looking but you'd like to come to support a friend, just enjoy the atmosphere, or already a part of a couple that wants to get in on drink deals? Black's the hat you want. Whatever your color, a hat's your entry pass - dare you to come without one, and it's the boot for you!



Are you one of the people that is eager for love, but find yourself being tied of tongue without having a reason to speak to them? Look for any of our staff and we will help play matchmaker. We will make sure that the person you have your eye on at least knows that you exist.


When the night is over are you too drunk to go home? Wardens of the Haven have several types of rooms available on request.


We hope to see you there!



*Note: The Wardens of the Haven are in no way affiliated with the Valentione family. Name is used in tribute only. 

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Quick note for those who have a hard time with time zones and daylight savings and all that "fun" we all get subjected to - Pacific time is presently UTC-7 so that should help your converting. 


Attendees whose character meets another that they'd like to chat with in a quieter space than the main tavern are welcome to make use of any of our "Public Chambers" - these are the entire first page of Private Chambers (1-15) which we've reserved for use as additional public RP space with varying realistic uses, such as a deluxe suite for VIP guests of the inn (or honeymoons, hint hint newlyweds!), a pair of standard rooms (they're in the same chamber, so if you want to be sure your RP in such a room won't be read by someone who might want to use the other room, take it to party chat maybe), a "common room" for those who want to sleep on the cheap, an onsen (the Japanese term for a bath house), an indoor garden, a library, and more to come! There's also our lovely courtyard outside, too. The amenities are all available for our visitors, so enjoy yourselves! :3

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