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Looking for an antagonist (or three)

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Jaydhe is not where she should be and someone wants her back. 


I can go into more in depth details but I wanted to put some feelers out there to see who is interested in playing that role. The ideal individual/s will be male Xalea Au Ra who are either Dothral or friendly with them. 


I know that's not a lot of information but I'm interested in finding out what types of bad guys there are out there! :thumbsup: 8-)

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Okay, here's a bit more information!

Generations ago the Tokar tribe horse trainers were in friendly competition with the Noykin tribe and it was generally debatable as to which group were the better trainers and breeders. The Tokar tribe was, however, considerably smaller. The tribe's demise came when the head Tokar trainer refused to sell to a particularly viscous Dotharl. 


Intent on laying claim to all Tokar trainers and horses, the Dotharl and allies attacked and enslaved the best of the trainers. The only reason any Tokar descendant retains the name is to retain the value of the livestock that is bred and trained by them.


Jaydhe is one such descendant and is arguably the best trainer and has the best eye for horses of any Tokar since the initial take over and possibly before. Additionally she was born with an immense ability and potential for magic which exponentially increased her value to her owners and their customers, friends, and allies. (Not to mention the Garleans)


A series of events led to her ending up in Eorzea and a free woman though it hasn't been that long in reality (less than a year)


This is where the antagonist/s come in! Some possibilities are:


Someone/s wants her back

Someone/s wants her for themselves

Someone/s want her dead

Someone/s want to exploit her


Something else entirely! I'm open to thoughts, suggestions, ideas, plots and do have someone that would like to play a part in the overall scheme of things. :)


I'm completely game to more than one impending doom/danger/terror!

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