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Taejin Gensei


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   I. Basic Info

[*]Characters:Taejin Gensei

[*] Primary character:That's a tough one...

[*] Linkshells:None, as of yet

[*] Primary RP linkshell:**

II. RP Style 

[*]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):Light, for now. Me being new to RP entirely, I'd like to start slow to at least get a feel for it. Before you're a soldier, you gotta do basic training like every other recruit, right?

[*] Views on RP combat and injuries:As a technical pacifist (IC and OOC), I tend to shy away from serious conflict with others unless it's funny. Friendly duels and sparring are okay though.

[*] Views on IC romance:I am a socially inept potato (... not a lala-pun), so you'll forgive me for not extending my boundless optimism to this particular subject. But really, I tend to view ANY relationship, real or not, in a more serious light. So unless I REALLY jive with a particular lady, I don't see this happening.

[*] Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):Bring it. That's the beauty of clan systems... extended families!

[*] Views on lore:A shortcut or addendum here or there is fine, but as a story buff and lore fiend in... well, every game ever, I would rather not break canon. As canon as we get, anyway.

[*] Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):I'll wait till I get a separate keyboard for my PS4, but as abysmal a typist as I am now, I'm still uncomfortable switching between the FC and party chat. Lemme get some practice first.


III. Other Info 

[*]Country:United States

[*] Timezone:Eastern

[*] Contact info:...Here? I'll, uh, work on this one.

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