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  1. An engineer maintaining Magitek weaponry of some kind. Garlean, Resistance double-agent, anything to get close to a Predator. It's great that the Alliance has started utilizing claimed Reapers (even going as far as having sidequests with them). Totally lends more weight to this idea... right?
  2. 1. I would, uh... "outsource" another Imperial wreckage from somewhere in Gyr Abania. Finally getting my hands on one of their Predator models, restoring it to full operation, really finding out what makes it TICK... Sorry, getting kind of excited. 2. Old. 3. SOLID GOLD GARLEAN ARMOR. Strange, yes, but I recall a rumor of the late Legatus van Baelsar subscribing to this particular style. Never took him for a man of fashion... For the next: 1.What region would you like to spend the rest of you days in? 2.Who's your favorite Songbird? 3. If you could pick another discipline to train in (or plan to), what's next?
  3. I'm looking forward to this only because versatility is my life. I've always liked the fact that RDM can do a little of everything, "Master of None" be damned. Besides, it may give me a reason to play a mage. Not really a fan of the "turret" play-style. ...Ironically, seeing as I main Machinist. RP-wise, I haven't done ANYTHING RP related, so Tae's a blank slate. Much as I love MCH, I'm still waffling on what he is, so here's hoping for possibilities. (Still holding out for Dancer, though)
  4. Taejin doesn't drink, not because alcohol'll kill you (...okay, yes, because it'll kill you), but because he's afraid of what he'll do if he hits that point. A guy with a borderline phobia of miscommunication spouting off the 1st thing that comes to mind? FAAANtastic. He will probably regret it in the morning... no, not the hangover. But that, too. (That said, tolerance in my family swings both ways. Some pretty much drop when the cork is popped, but others, like my older sister, verge on alcohol IMMUNITY. With many examples, but no personal experience, this is purely speculation. He could just sleep.)
  5. As a hopelessly optimistic Doman transplant in Limsa, young Taejin would either spend his days observing the craftsman of Naldiq & Vymellli's or running miscellaneous errands and odd-jobs for the various elements of the city, legal or otherwise. As long as he was helping someone, he was happy. Realizing some of the things he was sent to do was , in fact, wrong (lawfully speaking), combined with his fascination of crafts and engineering led him to enlist in the Maelstrom, with the intention of using it as a jumping-off point to becoming a full time adventurer. Some time with the Yellow Jackets (where he learned he's a really good shot) before transferring to the Foreign Levy (to get out there and uh, "investigate" Garlean magitek) and we have the Taejin we all(?) know today. ...except the Machinist part. Ishgard won't re-open for awhile.
  6. Being the extreme introvert he is, Taejin is embarrassed by pretty much anything done in front of another living thing. That said he has a few stand-outs: He has a weakness for the adorable, as ironic(ally fitting?) as that might sound considering he's a Lala himself. If it's cute, he will gush. If someone catches him gushing... well, he has a gun. Though his SOLE berserk button is mistreatment of women, he has been known to take advantage of his stature to "appreciate" female adventures. Luckily, as a large majority tend to flaunt their gods-given gifts (Glamours :thumbsup:), nobody seems to notice, or care. He still regrets it. Hugs. I kid you not. As his emotional state fluctuates primarily based on the mood of the people around him, a nice warm embrace does WONDERS. But he'll never admit that one.
  7. Taejin's shot enough voidsent in the face (or what counts as one) that ghosts, jump scares and whatnot typically don't phase the guy anymore. But, just to be snarky, he'd wait till after the offender unmasked to yell. ...though on the offchance you did get him, his eyes would water. He's a quiet crier.
  8. Beh, that seems boring though... But I do agree that I'm looking too much into small, nigh-indiscernible facets of his being. Takes me back to that "pointless quirks" thread from awhile back. I'm just needlessly complicating things at this point. ...This has been far more helpful than just a few questions answered. Life lesson, this. Fun fact: Mormo was a greek spirit and possible companion of Hecate. Her stories were meant to keep children in line, boogeyman-style. ...this fact returns me to square one on the succubus issue.
  9. Ehhhh... So much for having a reason behind the violet eye and tips of my hair. Oh yeah, I know one's personal aether reserve is solitary (cause "I'm out of mana!" *RELOAD* just sounds busted), but it does sound like a stretch to literally have different aspects be hampered in some way when I think about it. Welp, guess I get to rewrite the fact that I'm just bad with magic (write what I know?). Hmm... perhaps just a heavier lean in lightnings direction, with a general ineptitude with more straightforward magicks? Thanks for more feedback (and help)! The Twelve know how bad I am at this.
  10. 1. Magic schools aren't really bound to any specific aspects. What determines a magickal school is how the spells are cast, and not what is cast. I don't know much about your character, but if he can utilize aether and can understand math and geometry, then he can use arcanima. 2. As you said yourself, yes, Voidsent can be pushed into other vessels. The void mages of Mhach used techniques to bind Voidsent to their wills, but those arts have been lost for a long time. Think about that when you decide if your character should be able to do such a thing. It's also worth noting, if you want to use that succubus minion as your friend, that succubi typically inhabit corpses. They also tend to take on personality traits of the corpse they've stolen. 3. Based on what we've seen from the Mhach quests, Voidsent like to use Celtic names. 1. Fair enough. 2. Hmm... Might have to rethink this or scrap it entirely. Thinking about it, it wouldn't really be in character considering I'm not too magic-oriented. Though, the opportunities (and consequences) of toting around a voidsent does sound sound really interesting, to me at least. Also, not necessarily as a friend, just bound in a clockwork servitor. Hmmm... actually, I totally forgot about the descriptions of the other wind ups, like the Puff or Echidna. This could still work. 3. Gah, time for research.
  11. THE BASICS: Character name: Taejin Gensei Nickname: Tae Origin of Nickname: Pet name given by a fellow free company member. It stuck. Birthdate: 27th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon (March 27th) Place of Birth: Unknown (raised in Doman border village) Ethnicity: Unknown Religion: Doman Worships the Twelve, primarily Llymlaen Height: 3 fulms Weight: 32 ponze (don't quote me on this, just a generalization) Body type: Popo- ...small Eye color: Left- Deep blue, Right- Violet Glasses or Vision Enhancements: None Skin tone (pale, tan, olive, brown, etc): Pale Face shape: (round, square, oval, chubby, heart-shaped): Chubby Prominent features: None Tattoos or distinguishing marks: Clan tattoo on left cheek Casting choice (what actor do they resemble?): Won't even attempt this one General health: Healthy Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses: Poor control of non-lightning/wind aspected aetherial energies (Does that count?) Fashion and style (what do they wear, how do they wear it?): Prefers a combination of form and function. Dons "classy" apparel to look presentable, yet wears heavy duty crafter gloves/boots and body armor under his outfit in case of emergencies. VERY RARELY seen without his bowler hat. Special jewelry: None Hair color: Dark blue w/ violet tips Hairstyle: Tied back into a ponytail Grooming: Very neat Additional information: COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Languages spoken: Eorzean, Doman Accent or dialect: Limsan-influenced, Doman accent will fade in or out when agitated Vocabulary/reading level: Educated Voice tone: Soft-spoken Favorite phrases: "...Morning." (He's so withdrawn from the concept of time, he's decided to make this his standard greeting) Do they curse: Prefers not to Demeanor: Courteous Mannerisms: Gestures: Crosses arms Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.): Spins wrench in hand when thinking Posture: Stands straight, head down PROFESSIONAL INFO: Current occupation: Engineer Level of job satisfaction: Very satisfied Years at current occupation: 7 Income: Steady (enough to maintain and furnish a home) Professional skills: Armorsmithing, Blacksmithing, Goldsmithing Combat skills: Marksmanship (both archery and firearms), Use of Magitek in combat, Pugilism, close qurters combat with short blades, Doman shinobi arts Additional information: LIVING CONDITIONS: Place of residence: The Goblet, Western Thanalan Type of residence: small house Surrounding area (city, rural, etc): suburban Describe residence: Unassuming, quiet... except for the forge in the back Who do they live with: No one Pets: None Overall quality of living conditions: Better than average Home décor: ...Well; its comfortable, at least Important features of home: Again, the forge. Type of vehicle: Enlil (White Lanner) Age of vehicle: Unknown Defining characteristics of vehicle: The bubbles Quality of vehicle: Near fully recovered Describe vehicle: Found injured during an expedition into the Vanu territory of Neverreap, Taejin decided to nurse it back to health after noting its similarities to trained cloudkin back in Doma. Of course, Tae being a Lalafell, he rides on ITS shoulders. Additional information: PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Marital status: Single Significant partner(s): None (The sad just keeps coming...) How did they meet partner: SO Nickname for partner: MUCH Previous romantic partners: SAD Children: None Relationship with children: N/A, though checks on the Miqo'te child in Idyllshire every so often Step-children: None Important family: the Gensei clan Mother: Yurei Gensei Age: Est. early 80s Living or deceased: Living(?) Mother’s occupation: Shinobi (assumed retired) Father: None Age:- Living or deceased:- Father’s occupation:- Siblings: None Describe the quality of relationship with any significant family members: None Extended family:- Friends: Would like to expand this one) Best Friend: Bakkuda Gensei Describe relationship with friend(s): Snarky, almost caustic back and forths between them, but will always have each others back. Pretty much platonic life partners. Additional information: How does the character relate to: Spouse: - Lover:- Past lovers/spouses:- Children: Doting Friends: Supportive Employer: Tends to generalize orders Underlings:- Minions: Don't get me started~ Pets:- Strangers: Silent Opposite sex: Curl up into a ball and hyper-venti- I-I mean, Nervous Same sex: Timid Family members: Elation Competitors: ...eh. Authority: Won't fight it, but doesn't fully care for it. Enemies: Pure, focused aggression ( tranquil fury, or if reaching his immensely high boiling point, straight unstoppable rage) Additional information: CHARACTER PERSONALITY AND PSYCHOLOGY: Any psychological issues or illnesses: Acute Avoidant Personality Disorder Meyers Briggs Personality Type: ISFJ What do they love: Magitek What is their passion: Engineering What do they hate: Subjugation What would they die for: Friends and Family What do they value: Relationships Secret loves: Cute things ...don't judge me. Sexual behavior: None... Personal philosophies: "A man's worth is defined by no one but himself; but only through bonding with others are our lives enriched" Politics: Prefers to avoid Spirituality: Low-key Prejudices: None (See philosophy) Greatest strength: Remaining calm under pressure Greatest weakness or flaw: Indecisiveness Their favorite attribute: Outgoing...ness Least favorite attribute: Disdain Biggest secret: He's an ex-Garlean operative Biggest fear: Dragons (Silvertear'll do that) Most likeable trait: Patience Least likeable trait: Tends to disappear from conversation How are they perceived by others: Kind, if withdrawn Proudest accomplishment: Surviving Silvertear Other accomplishments: becoming a succesful engineer Biggest regret: Surviving Silvertear Most embarrassing moment: Obtaining the Wind-Up Succubus minion Personality quirks: Spacey Would they like to change anything about themselves: Be more assertive Short term or long term goals: None. Lives day by day Obstacles: Dravania Heroes or role models: His adoptive mother, Yurei Negative role models: Garlemald Biggest life influence: the Battle of Silvertear Skies Likes: Magitek, guns, cute things, food, sleeping, rest, conversation Dislikes: Violence, dwelling on the past, dragons, exploitation Favorite book, movie, music, etc: - Additional information: PAST HISTORY: Hometown: No Name Past relationships: - First love: Mide... believe it or not. First sexual experience:- Major childhood events: Being rescued from the pillaged caravan and adopted into a shinobi family Best memory: a race with Bakkuda to see who claimed the life of an assassination target first... good times. It was a draw. Worst memory: Bakkuda winning the next one, and NEVER LETTING HIM FORGET IT. Saddest memory: Leaving home as a Garlean conscript Quality of childhood: In his specific circumstance, good; if unorthodox. Educational experience/level: Learned. Can read and write. Knowledgeable in engineering and magitechnology, both modern and ancient. Significant school experiences: Lost track of time while perusing texts at the Skysteel Manufactory, ignoring his lesson to learn the intricacies of the Aetherotransformer. Failing to get his attention, Rostnsthal shot and completely destroyed said text. Neither Stephanivien nor Taejin were amused. Special skills or training: Machinistry, Engineering (Metalworking, both overt and minute) Anything un-skilled, needs work: Aether control Hobbies: Sleeping Major illnesses, accidents or traumas: Harbors an intense aversion to dragons, having barely survived and escaped the Battle of Silvertear Skies. Avoids Mor Dhona and Dravania by extension (though recent developments in the Dragonsong War are beginning to curb this mindset.) Police record/criminal record: None DAILY LIFE: Morning routine: Routine? Afternoon routine: What Evening routine: Routine? Sleep habits: Whenever he's not busy. HOLY Jesus, I no longer have a good reason to not have my Wiki finished.
  12. To clarify, no, I have never RP'd before (at least not with others; I prefer games with custom content for a reason), so I may be having more trouble with things like this than I should be. That said, I am going to attempt to not be incredibly lazy/timid and try getting something done. So with that, I have 3 questions. 1. It it plausible for Taejin to realistically utilize Arcanima? As far as I know, all info and lore around arcanima only specify that personal either is fueling the process, bar Aetherflow and Energy Drain. It doesn't specify any specific element (eg;fire, ice for thaumaturgy). I envisioned Tae only having superb mastery of his frankly extreme lightning aspect, and his wind aspect less so. The other BLM elements spaz out randomly (Fire 1 can flicker or flare up disastrously) and the other WHM ones... really aren't there (imagine solo healing Midas Savage in cleric stance and a weathered cane). With those limits, would he believably still be able to be an arcanist? 2. Following 1, Voidsent stuff! I'm sorry, but the wind-up succubus is hands down my favorite minion. I've seen the thread about minion RP and realize opinion is mixed on this, but I had this crazy idea that somehow, he and his party (ideally other PCs, but I'm not on an RP server yet to pursue this {yay, GC platoons!}) managed to seal away a succubus and is now forced to accompany him on his travels. I know Mormo(?) from the THM story was sealed in a jar. Is there precedent and/or evidence allowing one to transfer said entity to another vessel? Or even sealing it AT ALL through arcanima? 3. ...anyone have a good name for a succubus? Alright, only half serious. I legitimately cannot think of one though. Besides Morrigan, Lilith (won't use those cause the Aenslands are too boss for this) and Shamsiel (for anyone who catches this one, I'm sorry). I am SO sorry for the wall of text, didn't think it would be this long. Would still appreciate the opinion of more, ah, "storied" members of the Coalition.
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