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[Balmung] 7th Haven Tavern Night - Now Closed

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[align=center]7th Haven Weekly Tavern


When: Every Thursday at 9pm CST

Where: Lavender Beds- Ward 7, Plot 5[/align]


[align=center]Nestled in the very heart of the Lavender Bed’s seventh ward, 7th Haven makes an ideal refuge to relax and unwind after a hard day. This quiet tavern is decorated with expertly hand-crafted wares, yet still holds the humble feel of a rustic knight’s lodge- complete with stone interior and large, inviting fireplace.[/align]



Pull up a cozy chair next to the warm hearth, and share an ale with a few good friends while recounting heroic tales with one another- or use our stage if you feel like sharing your stories with everyone![/align]



Admission is always free, so leave your worries and weapons at the door, and you’ll always be welcome in our little safe haven.


A link to our Menu can be found here. Please note that the menu may change/update at any time as more items are added or holidays change.


We also have a small assortment of player rooms that are open for public RP marked with a ★star★. We’re in the process of adding more rooms as we’re able.[/align]



[align=center]As of May 26th, 2017, we have temporary closed the tavern until further notice. We hope to re-open and see you all again come the release of Stormblood. Thanks to all who participated in our weekly tavern and show night, and we hope to see you all again soon![/align]

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As of now we are officially closing the 7th Haven tavern until further notice. We are more than likely to re-open after the release of Stormblood, and we apologize to anyone who might have arrived in the past few weeks to find a lack of RP staff.

We hope to see our regulars and newcomers alike once we re-open. Until then, folks! ;)

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