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D&D style RP group?


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Why hello there friends! so i would say i'm fairly new to rp, i don't have much experience with role playing in games but a while back i joined a guild in world of Warcraft that got me hooked on D&D style role play. I've not been able to find any groups with the same style since then.


The way it worked was pretty much exactly the same as D&D but with altered rulesets and what not to fit the game. there were officers in the guild that would GM events and work together to create the overall story arc for the guild. so there would be side events throughout the week and on Saturdays there would be big storyline events that would progress the arc the officers were making.


they used a d100 system and everyone had to make D&D style character sheets, then when you were promoted in the guild you would be given some attribute and skill points to spend on your character sheet just like leveling up in a game of D&D.


It was gosh darn fantastic but the guild sadly died as peoples interest in wow faded. So i would like to ask have any of you guys seen or heard of anything of a similar style in FF?

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From the depths, I rise.

Balmung's RP community is generally one of the most receptive towards dice systems in RP that I've seen online in a while.


Roll Eorzea is, as Osric mentioned, based on the FATE system. This system includes not only the gradual improvement of skills and abilities, but takes into account narrative elements about your character as a deciding factor for success. 


It is, however, a linkshell rather than a free company, and players are pulled from multiple FCs for these storylines. If you're looking for an FC that uses a roll system amongst its own ranks, I know there are a few that discussed adopting the ruleset Roll Eorzea uses, as well as a few others. Links to them will inevitably be forthcoming; I know for a fact there's another roll system specifically used by an FC that might work very well if you prefer something more like a traditional RPG than FATE.


Finally, there is always the Grindstone and the Runestone, two popular smack-down-your enemy weekly tournaments that rely on a simple first-to-three /random roll. They can be a good substitute while looking for something more complex.

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Long time member of Roll Eorzea here, just want to toss my views in. It is very active and a large group, we have a skype chat for our members and if you look at the RP events listing you can see there are about 5 current storylines to dip your feet into with no binding obligations to any with varying tones and stakes and focuses. All manned by GMs of the linkshell.


there is a master list of stories stickied to the top of the roleplay events board but I have helped enumerate them for you right here.


Dead God's Chest







APE escape 2: Mammet Boogaloo



Silent Voices: 



Lucy Loose Leves:



Lucy Loose Leves are designed as one off singular events mimicking the leve structure of FFXIV, these are great ways to learn the intricacies of the system in generally low stake encounters.



If you wish for access to the ruleset I have it here:



and should you ever need it again just check the sticky.







As you can see, very active with a lot of accommodation towards different play styles. We tend to generally be lore compliant and in some cases, as was Verad's campaign entirely prescient to future lore (His Scale in the sands campaign predicted or functioned off a lot of aspects about dragons that didn't explicitly exist prior to heavensward). 


each of these plotlines, like most DnD games have some house rules or special actions outlined and specific to the GMs in question.


Though FATE is much more story focused than stat focused (it should be less about min maxing and more a tool for collaborative story telling) which is where philosophically it differs from 3.5 or 5.0 DnD. 



I'm generally happy with the overall design, its much more compelling than boring quicksand tavern RP and gives some bulk to the world. My overall enjoyment of MMO RP scene has been enhanced by this.


However I must say that due to the dramatic swelling of our numbers the rules have been undergoing flux and revision (mostly to do with class balances). You can argue that it makes it a great time to join because soon people will be effectively fresh to the system. Or maybe you want to wait until it solidifies so you don't end up learning several different rulesets.



Usually You will be more than welcome to just show up to an RP event listed and silently observe, even be part of the party chat to see the nitty gritty meta discussion and rolls between RP posts. Just ask the GMs.


Only thing it may cost you is several hours due to the length that most events run.

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