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X'khajirr Tia

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[align=center]BASIC INFO[/align]




  • Characters: X'khajirr Tia, Naharé Mergrey, Lucien Chevalier, Kezia Bashalde
  • Primary Character: Naharé Mergrey (née Rahz)
  • Linkshell(s): The Dauntless, Tentative Allies
  • Primary RP Linkshell(s): The Dauntless




[align=center]RP STYLE[/align]



  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium. I prefer to remain OOC when I level or do content.


  • Views on RP combat and injuries: No holds barred. Permanent injuries and character death are by negotiation only. I get the final say on that.


  • Views on IC romance: I'm open to it. Romance is not my character's sole purpose, but it does make for nice story progression.


  • Views on non-romantic (family ties, et cetera): Family ties are closed. RP hooks with fellow Lynx tribesmen are welcome, as are connections that are work related, childhood friends, and just friends in general.


  • Views on lore: XIV is so story rich. I try to abide by lore as much as possible, but I'm willing to work outside of the box if the idea in question is reasonable.


  • Views on chat functions:
  • Say - What my character is saying
  • Emote - What my character is doing
  • Yell - IC
  • Shout - OOC
  • Tell - OOC, unless stated otherwise
  • Party: OOC, unless stated otherwise
  • FC: OOC
  • LS: Depends on the LS




[align=center]OTHER INFO[/align]



  • Country: Georgia, USA
  • Timezone: EST
  • Contact Info: PM me here, or contact me via Discord at NerdyLuu#4092. In game works, too!
  • Alts: Majority of my time will be spent with Naharé as she's my main character, although the goal is to attempt splitting time between her and this alt evenly. However, I do put forth the effort in keeping contact with RP partners and organizing RP playdates when we have time.


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