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Sharlayan RP Linkshell or Free Company?


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Hello everyone, 

So I'll preface this by saying that I'm new here and whilst I have searched the forum I haven't combed through it extensively, so if I have missed this somewhere please just delete this post and let me know. :) 


Anywho! My character Ameline is of Sharlayan descent and was raised in the colony for a short time before moving to Ishgard and being adopted. I'd really like her to be able to explore her heritage more. I'm not in Balmung just yet, waiting for Saturday to roll around so I have the money to transfer. But I would love to know if there is a Linkshell or Free Company for Sharlayan characters. If there isn't, is it something people would be interested in? 


Thank you everyone! 


(P.S I'm very new to the RP scene here and this is by far the nicest online community I personally have encountered.)

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I don't know of any Sharlayan focused LS's or FC's unfortunately but I think that's more due to we have almost little lore about the island and the colony and so anything we made up could be overridden by someone else's story or by new lore in any patches.


However there are a few I know of, my main character being one of them. Arietty Moonfall is her name and she is from the island and recently moved to Eorzea almost a year ago. If you'd like to RP with a fellow Sharlayan I would be up for it!



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