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Returning Player Coming To Balmung

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Hello everyone! :D


I started playing FFXIV shortly after Heavensward released. But I couldn't get on Balmung like I originally wanted to, so I ended up going on Sargatanas. I didn't really like it there, but I endured it because the people seemed pretty nice. Well, within a couple months, I was proven wrong and stopped playing until I could afford a server transfer. Fast forward a year, and basically I got side tracked by all the shiny new games and MMOs that had come out in the past year(the "oooh shiny!" syndrome). 

I finally came back to the game a couple weeks ago, and I'll be transferring to Balmung tonight. 


Anyway, look forward to seeing you all on Balmung! :chocobo::chocobo::chocobo:

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