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The Dating Game [Sep. 3rd 8 EST]

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Please note that this will be a test to see how receptive people are to the event and we would very much appreciate any feedback. If there is anything you believe is missing or you do not understand anything, please feel free to contact Fate Lhas in game or @fatelhas  on tumblr with any concerns/question. Thank you.



Greetings everyone!

On September 3rd 8:00pm EST, The Whispering Baroness (Mist ward 6 plot 5) is planning on hosting a game show! What game show is it? The Dating Game! Three rivals will be pitted against each other, answering a potential date’s questions.

We plan on hosting a few of these over time, so if you do not get chosen, do not fret! Your time will come!

(For more anonymity, we ask you change your Display Name options to Initials. This will make the game more fun for all those participating on stage.)



We have application forms for each role; the role of a contestant, and the role of a rival. What is the difference you ask?

For the role of a rival, you and two others will compete to win a date with the contestant. Compete how? Answer their questions of course! The kicker is, they will not be able to see you, and you will not be able to see them. You gotta win them over by the sound of your voice, and the answers you give!

Rivals are the only ones that can see each other.

Rivals can downplay other rivals when they are answering a question.

Rivals are not allowed to describe each other

No talking out of turn.



For the role of the contestant, you will be given a list of questions to ask the rivals. Based on their answers, you will get to choose one of them to go on a date with you when the time runs out, or you asked all the questions you wanted and have made up your mind.

Contestants will ask potential dates (rivals) preset questions.

Contestants are not allowed to peek at the rivals.

Contestants have to choose one rival to ask the question to. (can be any rival for any question) ie, “Rival number One, What is your ideal date?”

Contestants can ask same question to multiple rivals.



For the first episode, a contestant will already be chosen. We will only be searching for rivals for this round, so please fill out this Rival Form. ( https://goo.gl/forms/6BUcjzms7YBRmtq73 )Deadline to fill out this form will be August 31st. All entries will be collected and rivals will be contacted within two days.





Don't feel like participating? Come watch and be apart of the crowd!

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