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  1. I found ONE other Dataq in game.... If anyone else sees another Dataq, point them my way!
  2. I met one other Dataq ICly.... but he apparently went back to WoW? No idea if he's coming back... shrug. Need a Dataq meetup....
  3. Yes! We do! I've been meaning to hit you up in game. Next I see you, I'mma bother you if that's alright
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for more Dataq to get together and RP with. If anyone would be interested, you can hit me up here or on discord LhasDataq#8339. Thanks!
  5. Last day to sign up as a rival! Projected time that this event will take is 1 to 1.5 hours.
  6. Greetings everyone! On September 3rd 8:00pm EST, The Whispering Baroness (Mist ward 6 plot 5) is planning on hosting a game show! What game show is it? The Dating Game! Three rivals will be pitted against each other, answering a potential date’s questions. We plan on hosting a few of these over time, so if you do not get chosen, do not fret! Your time will come! We have application forms for each role; the role of a contestant, and the role of a rival. What is the difference you ask? For the role of a rival, you and two others will compete to win a date with the contestant.
  7. Greetings everyone! Co-conspirator of Sidereal here, looking to jump in on this recruitment process. If anyone is interested in learning more, you can also hit me up in game under the following names: Fate Lhas Tuyaa Dataq I'm usually on in the evening times ~6 -9 EST. See ya in game!
  8. Is there a steam group set up for the RPC?
  9. -shrugs- You can say made by Lauren. I'll post and say Hi
  10. Here you go! A preview: Image: http://imageshack.us/a/img42/439/4dv0.jpg
  11. My PSN and my Steam ID is Niricko.
  12. Just wanna say, they are so adorable~ Woot! Glad you like it :moogle:
  13. Here you go. If you want changes, just ask [img=http://imageshack.us/a/img17/7614/rgda.png] Interesting! I'll take a look. Just your art, or the felt animals too?
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