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Doman Sword Dance Group Ideas

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(i don't know a good place for this)

I was thinking of starting something for a few Doman based players. A Blade Dance group to perform at varous locations of allowed. Things will change since its a rough idea. Any feedback or support helps.


The starting background: 

"Blade Dancing is a time honored form of entertainment and skill in the eastern lands. After being drive, from their homes, a few individuals seek to rebuild their once lost love of both combat and dance. Whether they hailed from the farmlands or the capital, the mix of clans should prove to be a sight to behold."


Some basic rules: 

1: must be a native Doman ICly. No exceptions.

2: Blade Dances are not restricted to the usual formula of melee combat. All kinds of fighting and spells are with it.

3: Music can be from any source so long as it is orchestrated. You are fighting with music.



The intent of this linkshell dance group is to also bring domans together for their own RP. Drama could happen between performers or some new love could rise up. Frendships and rivalries can form. There could also be more than one in charge of the group or one depending how many we get.


It may not work but this is why it's open for discussion. I would like to know what people would think of such a group? Tell me how neat or stupid it is. I ain't afraid of no critic!

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