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A Fourth Ishgardian Colloquy - September 3rd at 9:00 PM EDT

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(( In an effort to make sure we reach a broader portion of our RP community, I'm copying the original announcement for the Fourth Ishgardian Colloquy over from Tumblr! ))








[align=center]Distributed alongside the Third Colloquy notes in the Crozier, the Forgotten Knights, and other areas of high traffic… a very minimalist flyer, with naught beneath the woodcut illustration but the time and place for those who yet wish to debate Ishgard’s future to attend.




[align=left](( The Fourth Colloquy will not be late after all! Please join us Saturday, September 3, at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (6:00 PM PDT) for in-character debate on the political, religious, and social future of Ishgard, open to all who are interested!


We will once again be using the basement of the house at Lavender Beds, Ward 10, Plot 27 to represent a rented conference room in the Pillars. The event will at last be set after all the cutscenes and associated governmental reforms of Patch 3.3. Therefore we will naturally be discussing all the spoilers that entails!


If you would like your character to give a short speech, please contact me before the event, at @eggplant-squire / @hasty-touch, through @ardently-faithful, or in-game on Rosaire Ledigne. Please feel free to make use of the IC summary of the Third Colloquy to help your character prepare.


We’ll be trying to enforce loose time limits a little better than last time. Please aim to keep speeches <= 15 minutes, and please trying to avoid standing up to address the assembly more than once if others are waiting for their first turn. I will look to be moving things towards a close around 11:00 PM EDT (or earlier if people have no more comments to make) but you may linger and speak further if you wish.


This will most likely be the last Colloquy of Ishgard hosted, in-character, by Rosaire Ledigne. However, if someone would like to take the reins and continue the event series, I will of course be overjoyed to provide OOC support!


And finally, please don’t forget that you may still submit feedback and suggestions via Tumblr or this Google form.


Thank you so much for your support and interest, and see you soon!! ))[/align]



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