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Howdy! I'm Soleil, or Sol. I want to get into FFXIV RP somehow (been playing since 2.0, with no roleplay in sight), but I'm on Excalibur, so...I'm thinking about a transfer.


I have a relatively active FC there, though, so I'd like to make some connections here before I make a decision on whether or not I should transfer to Balmung.


I posted a semi character ref of mine in the Character Workshop, so it'd be nice if any of you'd went over to take a gander at the nerd (Soleil Vahllen) I created. She's a crafty Ala Mhigan vigilante (ahem, scholarly vigilante), if that piques any interest. Also, she's buff. Like, not just buff-buff in terms of muscles. Her heart is buff. Figuratively and literally.


I'll make a wiki for her once I know that she's lore-friendly. :D


Anyways. I'm looking for more of a medium RP setting, where I can learn how people in ffxiv RP. And maybe RP forums? I've got plenty of experience roleplaying on social media, ranging from FF.net to tumblr. Would like to get some experience rp'ing and making connections before making the big decision on transferring!


Hoping to make some friends! I'll see you all around.

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