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LF Altoholics LS

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Hey guys,


I'm looking specifically for any LS that is at least partly IC or for setting up RP for those who play multiple interconnected (or not) characters. I play 5 actively (either swapping between them in a single sitting or binge playing 1 character for a few days at a time); 3 of which are interconnected story wise, 2 others are loosely connected (3 are at 60; 2 are staring down the 2.1-2.55 tunnel). I fully realize (and have had it pointed out to me directly by others) that playing so many characters means less time on each, but this is a style I enjoy. SO... I am looking to hang out with others who have a similar RP playstyle.


Do you know of any such linkshells or would there be interest in something like this if I make one?


Thanks! :moogle:

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I'm tentatively interested, actually. I tend to rotate between characters a lot just like you described. Sometimes 3 in one night, sometimes a binge of just one of them for days on end. And they all somehow have ended up connected one way or another, if at least loosely.

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