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Lore book screens! (Job lore, location lore, timeline lore!)


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ah incredible wtf wtf


Finally explains the all those 'kins' we see thrown around. And other stuff! Pages that describe jobs and even job abilities! Gives us info on Lvl60 job armour that was just introduced without any quests. And apparently Hallowed Ground is a thing!


quick edit: Does the use of the term "thousand thousand" suggests that "million" is not a concept in Eorzean vocabulary?

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I am totally pumped for this. One of my biggest wants has been a compilation of lore. The world is so vast and yet we know so little about the details, so hopefully this changes that!


[10:48 AM] Romimo: I want the lore book ;-;

[10:49 AM] Ruran: Can we get

[10:51 AM] Romimo: The moment it comes out >:I

[10:52 AM] Ruran: :D


I have the holy stamp of approval.

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