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Spirit's Call: The Rising Tribute Concert


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Spirit's Call: The Rising Tribute Concert


[align=left]When: Sunday, September 11, 2016 3pm EST


Where: Final Prayer, Eastern Thanalan (24.5, 29.5)




Performance Roster

Odette Saiorse

Bastien Falicieux

Andromeda Dulaque

Leanne Delphium


Savo Kesslivang

Ciel Grayve

Marcellain Chevallier

Raeje Draeka

Q'nahli Rhanya



Event Theme


[align=left]Your hostess for Spirits' Call is none other than renowned songstress Ciel Grayve, carrying on a tradition of stirring entire audiences with a soulful voice and heartfelt warmth.



Few in Eorzea can claim they were unaffected by the Calamity.  We all lost someone dear to us - family members, friends, comrades.  We stood arm in arm against despair and not all walked away.  We come together arm in arm once more to honor those who are no longer with us with song and tale, wreathed in the warm glow of lanterns soon to rival the stars in number. May our voices, and these lanterns, carry your thoughts, prayers, and love to those who dwell beyond reach.



Guidelines for Performers




  • Tributes are be expected to be tasteful, and respectful to those who've passed on.  No standing on stage and swearing, insulting, or cursing at the dead for any reason.

  • Each performance will be no more than 3-5 minutes long to allow time for all performers to shine.

  • Entries may be pre-screened to insure they fit the theme of the event.

  • We ask that performers pre-write their performances, whether it be in notepad or in macro form.  This will save time during each performance so you will not need to type everything out and will insure your part fits within the allotted timeframe.

  • If you would like to be added to the performance roster, please leave a post below or contact Ciel on here, or in game, no later than Thursday, September 8.  Last minute additions cannot be accepted.



Notices to Attendees

This is a free event, there will be no admission charge.  All are welcome to attend.



At the end of the concert, a vendor will be available for attendees to select a paper lantern upon which they may write the names of loved ones as well as any messages meant for them.  A window of about 15 RL minutes will be provided for RP around this before the final call, during which the lanterns will be released.[/align]



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