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[EU]Affable Mercenary/ Garlean Centurion needs RP!

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Hey there, folks!


So, I've just come back to the game, and I'm looking for as many Rp contacts, friends and such as I can get my grubby little hands on. While I have alts, my main character is Raih, a charming, battle-loving mercenary! You can pick him out by his gleaming dark gold armour, probably. And he may or may not also secretly be Suvaraih quo Arcaelis, a Garlean Centurion that, through various plots, blackmail, and pulling of strings, has been sent to Eorzea to serve the Empire in whatever fashion he can. 


Basically, he's a pretty laid back guy, very quick to smile and can be pretty charming when he wants to be. He's a bit too fond of the whole battle and murder thing, and he's at his happiest when he's in the thick of melee, covered in blood. He does an enormous amount of mercenary work largely for this reason. He has a place in Limsa (no IG house yet, because I am poor), but he's rarely there and can instead be found in Limsa itself, or wandering around pretty much anywhere. He likes to raid Allagan ruins for tech, and he has quite the collection of magitech gear, and is quite adept at working with it himself. 


He has aspirations of forming a magtiech-focused private military company, full of loyal people that he can convert to working for the Empire, so if that interests you at all, let me know!


You can get something of a glimpse into who he is and a bit of his past here.


tl;dr Please Rp with my not-a-garlean-spy dork. Contact me IG with Suvaraih Arcaelis, Discord on Amondrask#8476, skype on imperiousreptilius or just PM me here!

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