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Attributed by whom?


Most of the realm's small folk would probably just assume "ah, the poor lass, she's probably seen something terrible" and leave it at that.


If it was an aetherial scholar or medic, they might see the aetherial disturbance first, then ask "have you experienced any loss of memory lately?" as a result.


But people with only one "2" can't put "2 and 2" together, and the huge majority of people in Eorzea aren't well-versed in Aether or its effects.


Without knowing what blackouts you're referring to in the MSQ, I can't help you understand what's causing them. But the spell that erased everyone's memories of the Warriors of Light is... less, if I understood correctly, to do with affecting everyone and more to do with affecting the Warriors of Light. They were removed from the world for a time - they, as people in their entirety, did not exist - and so everyone forgot them because of that, not because of a mass-memory-loss-spell specifically.

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I think you should be good.  I myself have been on Balmung since launch and they are pretty flexible with the RP.  I was actually thinking about doing the same thing because I have Ben gone a year and am coming back.  I was also gonna change the face of my character so essentially it would be like starting over. The memory loss is to attribute for the fact that I will have to make all new friends and what not RP wise.  But anywho, it's all about having fun with YOUR story.  Play whatever makes you happy... That's my advice.

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