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Presenting: Avala Vala!

Avala Vala

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Hello, i'm Avala Vala, a Dunesfolk Lalafell!

Avala has studied with knives all her life and is currently trying t get smarter by picking up a book from time to time. that is why she has her Master, Pious, help her study the ways of a Scholar. that and she is learning the ways of summoning. Sooo cool.


This means that Avala is Ul'dahn. She has roamed the streets of Ul'dah all her life but you will see this one mostly across the Vylbrand sea in Lominsa. I came to like the open air. but also loved the people there!


Avala is open hearted but a bit of a clumsy head. so please don'be hard on her. she is a willing and ready Fighter.



so don't Hesitate to ask Avala some questions, she is willing and ready to go

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