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Looking for good-aligned RP connections!

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Hello everyone!  Don't post on forums much, gosh I hope I don't come off as nervous... just gotta play it confident! ... Wait, did I type all of this out?



Due to the natural ebb and flow of people's schedules, I've recently found my social circles woefully underpopulated.  Lately I've been trying to use Tumblr and random trips to Ul'dah to meet people, but I haven't had much luck.


I am looking for RP partners that would fit my character.  This can include long-term FC or LS if it fits.





A bit about the character.



[align=center]Chokho Viqqoh[/align]



Chokho Viqqoh is a bleeding heart harlequin adventurer.  She cares far too much about far too many.



The Joker

Chokho is loud, confident, and playful.  Making others laugh is her chief goal in life and the greatest measure of her own success.  Her ego is not half as large as she pretends (it's funnier that way), but she's still forward and shameless enough to approach strangers out of the blue and crack a few bad jokes.




The Philosopher

[align=left]Despite how the tropes align, Chokho is not the light-hearted and fancy-free adventurer most comes to expect.  She prides herself on a sharp mental philosophy and has an insatiable appetite for intelligent conversation... though not many people believe that, after hearing her terrible puns (I'm hoping a few good RP contacts will help peel this onion!)


She is a self-proclaimed nihilistic hedonist.  Chokho doesn't make jokes and laugh because she's immature, she does so because she believes in laughter as a philosophy and virtue.  People often ask how she can smile in the face of her tragic and nihilistic view, and she simply responds, "How could I not?"


Laughter does not come from too little care.  It comes from too much.  If she cannot save the world, the least she can do is give it a smile.



The Fighter

(I embrace Final Fantasy's over-the-top notion of power and strength.  I have nothing against grim-and-gritty down to earth RP themes, but Chokho is the main character in my own Final Fantasy themed story)


Chokho wields a considerable amount of power.  She once brought that strength to field on the battlefield against Garleans, or Ul'dah's enemies in state-sanctioned wetwork, but no more.  Chohko abhors violence.


Despite the flashy armor, years of training, and flaming greatsword, Chokho would be happy to never fight again.  She's a romantic hopeful and can't stand to draw blood or end lives.  She'll do it if she has to, but gods be damned, you better believe she'll be unhappy.


The only practical use of her strength these days is monster hunting.  It lets her make the world just a little safer... plus, she secretly loves the adrenaline.






That's all, folks!  Thanks for coming this far!


I am a TERRIBLY shy and anxious person, but feel free to leave a note, or contact me in game or on Tumblr!  I look forward to getting back to everyone!







Random Character Tidbits

  • Has a weakness for sweets like Charmander has a weakness to water.
  • No respect for the letter of the law, but tremendous respect for its spirit
  • Originally hails from a tree-top village tucked away in the jungles of Doma
  • Immensely proud of her keeper traditions... even if she knows very few.
  • Bold and flirty, but never wants to take it anywhere.
  • Wickedly competitive but can rarely find a non-violent challenge
  • Found immense financial success by treating the market like a game 
  • Respects effort, initiative, and confidence above all else
  • Has an adorable pet rat.  His name is Mincer and she loves him.




[align=center]Random picture I'm proud of, brought to you by the incredibly talented Onyrica[/align]


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Hello everyone, just a quick update!


I got WAY more responses in game than I was expecting (I was expecting 0 >_>) and it's taking me a bit of time to get around to everyone.  I just wanted to let people know that if anyone gets in touch here, tumblr, or in game, I WILL get around to RPing with you.  It's taking a bit longer than expected, but I swear no one will be entirely forgotten.


Thank you all for the unbelievably heartwarming response.  The little outreach has made my week :D

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