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★Twelve Oaks Library Grand Opening Garden Party & Auction★


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[align=justify]Who: You and your friends!

What: In-character grand opening & community networking auction.

Streaming immersive music available @Crescent-play  

[ Literary themed songs are encouraged. Example: Songs from popular book-to-movie films.]


When: Thursday, September 15th @ 9pm EST

Where: Lavender Beds 8::7 [balmung]


F e a t u r i n g: [ALL Information & rules here!]


Grand Opening Social

The Library’s gates will finally open on this night, welcoming guests to browse our shelves, enjoy the starry delight of our river-side garden, get cozy in our coffee and tea house ,and explore our Adventure Theater and playroom [room 3].

Community Auction

The Deadline for FC/LS auction signups: SEPT. 14th [sign up here!]

FC/LS/Groups who have signed up by the deadline will create a small, desirable gift basket that represents their theme to put up on the auction block! Each group will have a moment to promote themselves before the host auctions off their basket. Each basket should include 2-4 useful in game items, an RP service, and a book that fits the group’s theme! For ALL information and rules please see the link above. The signup time is LIMITED, so please hurry! ♥


☕ Tea & Coffee Shop☕[Menu Here!]

Come enjoy our tea and coffee house’s delightful menu! Made fresh with ingredients procured locally! Free samples will be available throughout the evening. 


Library Cards

[Check out our example here!]

All characters will IC receive a library card that will allow them access to book rentals, however if you’d like to go the extra malm and get an OOC card made and put on our website, one can be purchased via a donation of 50,000 Gil or higher!

(Library cards take time to create ooc so please expect a few days wait while we put the finishing touches.)


((The 12Oaks Library aims to be a collaborative effort between any FC/LS/Group that wants to get involved, providing  a plethora of reasons for the RP community to come together! Regardless of whether your character is a scholar, mason, dancer, or a simple farmer,  there is always knowledge and connections to gain! Just like real-life libraries, we hope to provide a safe community place with a WIDE variety of educational events and programs ran by different FC/LS/groups/individuals within the community. We encourage folks who want to help out to inquire about becoming a volunteer or even how to host their choice of educational mini event! This spreads RP and can also be utilized as a promotional tool for your group or RP service! For more information, see our website! ))


★ We’d adore your help in spreading the word, thank you!★[/align]


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