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Returning soon!


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Sometime this weekend I plan on getting ahold of Heavensward (in a brick & mortar since they're all selling leftover stock at like 50% off online prices) and afterwards, reactivating my account and starting a brand new main character to begin fresh again. There's only one problem I discovered thanks to a trial account I set up to make sure I'd want to commit to this:


Balmung, the NA server that I quickly realized would be the best for RP, is CC locked. At first I made a character on the only available NA Legacy server (Sargatanas maybe?) but the player population was 'thin', I suppose I could say. I made another character on Faerie and in comparison, the server seemed much more populated and more active.


Is Faerie a good roleplay server? Anyone know of active RP FCs on the server?


Edit: Oh, guess I should talk about my RP goals. I'm looking to roleplay daily life as an adventurer, sort of filling the 'gaps' into the gameplay. The downtime between guildleves, the exchanging of information over a drink, etc. It's hard to explain, but when I see the clear starry night sky I think of what my character and a group might talk about, or if I'm stopping into the local adventurer's guild I feel like the empty table(s) should be put to good use having a meal with company, etc.




And now for things about me:


--MMORPG background: All the background. Okay not really, but I've at least slipped my toe into the 'waters' of a VERY large chunk of MMOs. In particular I'm adept at healing classes, though I'm not sure how dungeon healers work in FFXIV to be frank.


--RP experience: Less experience than with MMOs, but I know how not to Mary Sue and I've been soaking up FFXIV lore where I can (there's very little outside the game itself, at least where I've been looking.)


--Character ideas/info: I'll be making a Raen Auri refugee, mostly because there'll be less expectation to know much about Eorzea and because becoming an adventurer makes sense if you've nothing to your name otherwise. Speaking of a name, I read the official naming conventions for Raen and spent 4 or 5 hours learning how 16th to 18th century Japanese surnames worked (that nanori will make you cry!!) before coming up with one. I'd post it here, but until I make the character it'd be free for someone to take..


--How did you learn about the coalition?: Googled "FFXIV roleplay"


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?: I'll fill in 'Medium' for now, since honestly I'm not too sure what to expect. I suppose in the first place I can't be too picky about the sort of company I get into since Balmung is locked for new characters.

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Good luck with your return!


As far as Balmung always being locked, it's true!

However it's well worth the transfer fee of $18.00 to move to Balmung.


As far as tips/tricks to do so, ignore the part in teh trasnfer application where it says you cant transfer to a locked server. That's BS, it will let you. And teh 2nd tip is, if you plan to make alts, create all 8 character slots on one server, and tehn transfer them, all at once for teh one time fee of $18.00. The price does not go up/down per character so you can transfer a whole server for the same price as only moving one of them.

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