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Sasagan's Scimitars

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Sasagan's Scimitars is an Immortal Flames adventurer squadron commanded by Flame Captain Kale Aideron of the Bloodsworn. Under the leadership of a professional cadre, the mission of the squadron is to assemble a diverse and effective unit of free company adventurers, and utilize their myriad talents in the service of both Ul'dah and the Eorzean Alliance. While squadron members may not necessarily be formal enlistees in the Grand Company, they are expected to embody full military discipline and exercise the proper customs when on duty.


The squadron operates under the Free Brigade for the good of Thanalan and the wider realm, not for monetary incentive. Requests for military support can be made to the Scimitars by any individual, free company, or other private group. The unit will respond to requests based on the assessed level of danger. When not on mission, the squadron has regular drill nights that members are encouraged to attend. Regardless of discipline, all members are required to maintain a certain level of physical, mental, and tactical readiness.


Please contact Kale Aideron or visit Nanasha Barracks (Plot 52, 7th Ward, The Goblet) for any and all official matters.





Calling all Flames! We're a new LFRP linkshell centered around the 'adventurer squadron' format. We offer a dualistic approach of having a place for both hardcore Flame RPers (uniform fascists like myself!) and the more 'weekend warrior' type. We are a successor of sorts to the defunct Flame Yataghans and seek to provide a corresponding Ul'dahn experience to the fantastic Maelstrom Command. The group is led by Kale Aideron, who has roleplayed as an Immortal Flame since the beginning of 2.0 in 2013.


We're looking for three types of characters;


  • Cadre soldiers: Professional careerists who compose the IC leadership. A specific type of RP and character is required for this!
  • Squadron adventurers: Rank-and-file unit members!
  • Freelancer: Anyone else interested in RPing with us!

To join, please review the Rules before getting in touch with Kale Aideron for a little OOC chat and IC interview!


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Completed 'Barracks' tab, check it out!


We're currently after cadre members, particularly a Squadron Sergeant and Executive Officer. IC, those positions will be appointed to the rank of Chief Flame Sergeant and First Flame Lieutenant respectively.


We're also looking for a Chirurgeon and Quartermaster. Those positions will be Flame Lieutenant and Flame Sergeant, respectively. Preferably, the chirurgeon would be a registered physician with Frondale's Phrontistery (Alchemists' Guild). If your character is an alchemist, do consider military service! For all cadre positions, we have a preference to Ul'dahn core races (Midlander, Highlander, Dunesfolk, and Hellsguard). As there is lore basis for other Eorzean races in the Immortal Flames, we will consider Elezen, Miqo'te, etc. as well. We are not looking for Au Ra cadre members at this time.


EDIT: We also have a Discord!

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We welcome Hassan Pakravan as the Scimitars' Executive Officer, Azreal Kass as the squadron's Quartermaster, and Navei Asue as the Chief Sapper. We also welcome Defiant Bride as our first squadron adventurer!


The positions of Squadron Sergeant and Chirurgeon are still open! The former will have stringent standards for applying. There is also the position of Adjutant that is now open.



Kale explains to Hassan and Azreal the importance of the watermelons.

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The squadron's first training mission in Pest Eradication was a success! A foreign vilekin colony had set itself up in the Hellsbrood Holes of central Thanalan that had agitated the native antlings, prompting a military support request to be sent to the Sasagan's Scimitars for immediate response. The safety of the trainline was at stake!



Flame Captain Kale Aideron and Flame Lieutenant Hassan Pakravan inspecting the new adventurers at roll call. Karima Hawayek, Defiant Bride, Tara Lee, and Jana Ridah reported for duty.



Flame Sergeant Navei Asue would lead the squadron party as chief sapper, as the Commander observed the soldiers' chemistry. With much daring, the squadron fought their way through a battle between both colonies of vilekin, detonated an explosive down the interloping anthill, and slew the queen. They escaped in time for a two-pronged assault by Flame cavalry that routed the warring vilekin and secured the area.


For Coin and Country!

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Flame Commander Gisilbehrt had requested the Sasagan's Scimitars to provide security for a tourney held by the Ala Mhigan Resistance. As a low-risk assignment, the Flame soldiers were instead treated to a spectacular display of martial and magickal might! They were even able to scout out new talent...



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The new Handbook tab has been added with a plethora of IC information! Everything you need to know about squadron regulation can be found there! Don't worry; it looks rather high-strung and strict, but we're all rather innocuous, I assure you ;)

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The Goblet garrison had tasked the Scimitars with coming to the aid of an Ul'dahn-based free company known as the Mythril Blades, following a call of distress from Odile Delacroix. Their estate had been subject of a vicious attack by cultists of the infamous Lambs of Dalamud.




The Lambs of Dalamud had come for something, but even with the danger to the Goblet, this was still the affair of a free company. Instead, the squadron offered their aid in fashioning an aetherial dampening device from unaspected crystals found only in Mor Dhona. With the assistance of Mythril Blade adventurer Kaya Chalahko, the party rendezvoused at Revenant's Toll, discussing their options.




After the briefing, the group headed east into North Silvertear, in the general direction of the Singing Shards. Thanks to Tara Lee, they had located a suitable sample of unaspected crystals in an outcropping...only to be attacked by a violent gang of hapalits. The largest of them was slayed in a most dramatic fashion by a masterful arrow from Karima Hawayek. With the crystals secured, the group returned to Thanalan, Tara being successful in creating the device for the Mythril Blades.




In other recent accomplishments, the Sasagan's Scimitars undertook an advanced training regimen honing their mental and tactical skills by tackling the All Saints' Wake Haunted House in Gridania!



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