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Sector Zero <Flask>


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[align=center]Who we Are[/align]


Sector Zero is an experimental amalgam of individuals. We are a neutral to good aligned company, not functioning for evil or lawless activities. Those who choose to work within the Halcyon Hall work together for a primary goal of furthering the greater good of all of Hydaelyn. Be they Imperial, Eorzean, neutral, or any alignment, Sector Zero functions as a safe and exciting place to attempt to make peace and resolutions. 


We are a group of scientists, innovators, inventors, and artists. We create or research interesting devices, or develop new techniques for existing trades. 


Not very academically-minded? No problem! Sector Zero is not a place for only math wizards and high level magitek or Allagan engineers. We are looking to improve and better many aspects of life. Are you an artist who is interested in developing a new medium for which to show your art? A chef or cook that wants to incorporate aetheric geometries or safe alchemic potions into your food to give it a magic touch? A musician who wants to experiment with new musical instruments, or perhaps even a different way to experience music entirely? We want you! Even if you come with just ideas, the mathematically-minded individuals of the company can help you accomplish your dreams. 


In addition to development and testing, we are planning to market our creations in the future. Once we have enough new technologies, gadgets, or techniques to share, we will hold a company showcase and market to sell our inventions to the world!




[align=center]The Frothy Flask



[align=left]The Flask is our cafe and tavern. Serving food and drinks (both alcoholic and non) in a whimsical, themed atmosphere. The Flask is a new aspect of our company, and we have been working hard to plan it out and get it up and running! We are planning to have it run twice a month for the first few months, possibly upping this to four times a month when we get going!


We are looking for interested bartenders, waitstaff, and chefs to help prepare and serve our unique dishes and drinks. Staff will be asked to wear an outfit relative to the month's theme, or perhaps take on a temporary role or personality for the theme. (For example, October's theme is Spooky, so we would request the staff to dress in spooky outfits or costumes, and take on a lighthearted spooky personality while serving guests). 


The them is going to rotate each month, alongside a few specialty dishes for the month. We are hoping for the Flask to become a staple of our company, and serve the community for many times to come![/align]



[align=center]Who we want![/align]



Sector Zero is quite an open ended company. We have positions and a place and use for most types of people! However, here is currently who we could really use at the moment:



  • Waitstaff, Chefs, Bartenders
  • Artists/performers
  • Mad Scientists
  • Experiments (of the Empire, Allag, Etc)
  • Magitek inventors
  • Allagan inventors
  • Gobbie/Eorzean/Other tech inventors
  • Those specializing in Mhachi tech and void research
  • Doctors and Medics
  • ((OOC: More Garlean Purebloods PLEASE <3))



If you are interested please contact:

Titor Jaraba

Kiht'to Moui

Mahv Kelsin

Shinkiro Shirai/Amaya Shirai

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[align=center]Frothy Flask is Opening![/align]



Come one, come all, to the grand opening of the Frothy Flask! Run exclusively by the researchers and scientists of Sector Zero, the Frothy Flask specializes in the science of customer service. Sample dishes and drinks so delectable, you'd swear that they were created with actual alchemy. Each moon, the theme of the Flask changes, providing new and exciting experiences each time you visit. So come on in, sit down, and experiment with something new at the Frothy Flask!



This Friday (Oct 14), at 9pm EST, the Flask will have its grand opening! The theme is spooky, in the spirit of Saint's Wake, so, optionally, come dressed in your Saint's Wake costume!



The location is Lavender Beds plot 36 ward 1. Please note that guests will not be seated or served prior to the opening time of 9pm EST, you may come for some early mingling though if you wish!

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