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Caleria Amih

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Basic Info:



Characters: Caleria Amih


Primary Character: Caleria Amih


Linkshells: N/A


Primary RP Linkshell: N/A





RP Style:



Amount of RP: Medium to Heavy



It honestly depends on the RP- if I'm really into it, I could type a lot- other times it might be something casual or something.




Views on RP Combat/Injuries:



There's magical healing and potions all around.  While injuries might still happen, they really should only be played until magic or healing makes them go away. 


As far as combat, there's room for both roll-based and story at the table.  It just depends on what way you want to go with- some times you get lucky, other times you get stomped.





Views on IC Romance:



I see it as something that could really improve it- as long as both understand a few things- A) IC feelings =/= OOC feelings.  Please, try to keep them separate?  B) Crushes are okay- you might like her, but she might not like you back; on the other hand, she might like you, and it's okay not to like her back.  C) Be up front with what your character would want out of it- a short-term thing, something long-term, whatever- it'll help keep us on the same page!




Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc.):



You have to have friends, allies- I highly doubt that she'll run into family members on her journey, but solid allies and friends are always welcome!




Views on lore:



I've tried to build everything I can to adhere to all known lore (thanks to everyone who helped me hammer out my character background and stuff!), but I still don't know everything- but I just ask that you try to keep things as close as possible, and call me out if I wander too far away from it!




Views on chat functions:



I usually prefer /say and /emote for my play.





Other Info:



Country:  United States




Time Zone:  Eastern Daylight (-4 UTC, GMT -4)




Contact Info: You can find me here, or shoot me a message in-game!

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Oh, look who finally remembered to get her pictures back from the MoogleMart one-hour photo drop-off!




"...so what?  I deserve a lazy day every once in a while, too!  ...uggggh, fine... but there better be something in it for me if you want me in my armor..."




"There.... or is this just more stuff I've had lying around in the knee-deep slog of stuff I keep in my inn room?  *sigh* ...I really need some armor dummies and the like... and more boxes..."

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