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K'orion Mitsurgi

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[align=center]Character Details[/align]


Name: K'orion Mitsurugi.

Gender: Male

Race: Miquote 

Age: 25.

Profession: Mercenary


Give us an insight into your Character's story: K'orions story begin with someone else that intertwine with each other. K'orion was part of a Mercenary Company named Forbidden Dreams. There he met a women named Homura Mamaru who was an up coming Paladin. Together they fought dragon threats with Ishgard for a good period of time. However one fateful day there was a huge wave of Dragons there Company was unprepared for and left there Free Company in shambles. The chaos from the battlefield caused the two duo to get separated and there would start the both of there new journeys.


Homura search all of different landscapes to find her friend but gave up and believed that her friend had died. She then began her new life as dog for the political group in Uldah doing all there dirty work. One job in particular was to find a boy that was kidnapped and to bring him back to uldah. There would be where here story began alone.


K'orion however was deeply wounded from the battle and had to seek aid. He stayed in Ishgard for awhile to heal so he could find any remaining survivors of his Free Company. A man in dark red and grey armor however came to K'orion and offfered him a solution to his worries and told him if he was to join forces with him in the aid to fix Eorzea then he would give him the aid he needed to find his friend. K'orion desperately took his offer and was made into an experiment soon after for the Garlean army. From once being a Paladin of honor and glory to now a Dark Knight for greed, He had no control of his will and aided the dark red and grey armored man known as Vergil.


Time passed.....Months flew by.....Homura was no longer a Paladin but a scholar instead. She had found the boy she was looking for but his soul to only be trapped into a toy moogle. K'orion still controlled by Vergil and aiding in the war efforts. The two would eventually meet and conflict soon arouse from there battered past. Homura shocked with disbelief would try her hardiest to break K'orion from his mind controlled self. By doing this they had to fight battles after battles with each other until one day she found a way to break him free.


She would deeply wound K'orion and at that moment cast a binding spell to him and with every fiber of her energy she had left she explained to him one more time of there past together and how much she cared about each other. K'orion blank eyes awoken that day and remembered everything but nothing of what he done while he was in Vergil's control.


Though there battle ended and there friendship was then restored fate had other plans. The battle that took place in a dark dungeon that was the hide out for experiments like what they did to K'orion was crumbling down and one last experiment got free and it was an overloaded Dreadnaught. K'orion with no energy could not fend off the machine but Homura with half her energy left could. In a desperate attempt to escape she decided to stay behind while she hold off the Dreadnaught. Homura last will was that she took care of the boy she found named Erin and find a way to make him a Hyur again. At that moment she pushed them out of the crumbling dungeon while her and the machine duel it out in one last act of protection.


Her fate is currently.....unknown....


For K'orion months has passed since that day. He and Erin still venture on looking for a way to cure Erin of this curse that was placed upon him. K'orion in memory of Homura decided to become a scholar and refused to hold a blade again until the proper time rose. 


What are their main ambitions? The biggest ambition would be to fulfill homura's request and figure himself out.


To be continued....

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