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The Carnival Mog & Masque - Saturday, Oct. 22, 7:00 PM EST

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Date: October 22nd

Time: 7:00 PM EST

Location: Yainu Par Subdivision, Ward 12 of the Lavender Beds



Axiom invites all Balmung roleplayers to our first ever All Saints Wake event, 'The Mog & Masque!' carnival for an evening of spooky merriment!



Carnival Booths::.


In order to bring variety and added fun to the evening, Axiom extends the offer of running your very own stall during the festivities. It can be anything you like, from games to hand made crafts! Axiom will be handing out prizes for the evening's most creative and entertaining booths!


The prizes for winning booths are as follows:


- First prize: Full Art Commission of one singular character, plus 500,000 gil

- Second Prize: 100,000 gil

- Third Prize: 50,000 gil


We encourage anyone who would like to set up a booth with games, crafts or food during the event to contact Kleio Dorne or Toola Roola prior to the evening's festivities so that we can help get you situated and set up beforehand!  Space will be limited, so please get in contact as soon as possible!



Costume Contest::.


For those of us that love dressing up during All Saint's Wake, we've organised something for you too! Participants in our costume Contest will be judged by a panel on creativity and likeness to the people they’re portraying (If portraying a person).


The prizes for costume contest winners are as follows:


- First prize: Full Art Commission of one singular character

- Second Prize: Waist-up Commission of one singular character

- Third Prize: Headshot Commission of one singular character


For the costume capers, you need only sign up during the event with one of the judges!


If you would like to assist as part of the judging panel, please contact Kleio Dorne or Toola Roola prior to the event!



(Please note that Axiom officers and any guest judges are excluded from competing for both Booth and Costume events, so as to avoid to conflict of interest.)


For further information or queries on the Carnival, inquire with event organizers Kleio Dorne and Toola Roola.


We hope to see you there!

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This just in! Thanks to the generosity of our members in Axiom, we will be holding a special auction towards the end of the evening's events where event goers may bid on special prizes, including a Gaelikitten mini, pumpkin basket, and more, using tokens earned from participating in the games we'll be hosting at the event.

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Thank you everyone who attended last night's event! 


the members of Axiom and myself were very excited to see so many people out at our very first server wide event and hope to see many of you back at The Mog & Masque next year, as well as at our future public RP events to come.  


Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! to all our attendees and we sincerely hope that every single one of you had just as great a time attending The Mog & Masque as we had hosting it.  



The People of Axiom







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