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Just another pay day

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"They will be passing through this area" a man said in a rugged voice marking down a location in southern thanalan. "Now pay me my coin and let me be on my way."


The Crow tossed a gil pouch to the man "A little extra for how fast you were able to find out travel route." The man nods and quickly disappears into the shadows with the sound of gil clinking in the distance. The crow studied the map a bit more and then spoke into his linkpearl, "I have the route, round up your best and meet me at the usual location so we can plan out the ambush" after a momentary pause to change frequency he spoke again "Another batch of resistance members will be apprehend, have transport ready at the appointed location." He then grabbed his lance and disappeared into the shadows as well.


A group of travelers travel the roads of southern thanalan during the night, "We finally get to join our fellow comrades in arms to retake our homeland!" a brisk man said with enthusiasm and ferocity alike "Aye!" another said. "Quiet you two even if we travel by night in friendly ground do not forget strange happenings have been occurring recently that are targeting our people which is of no doubt a garlean action stay, vigilant." A woman said in a harsh yet whispered tone, the two men quieted up quickly. As they traveled in silence a figure silhouetted in the distance formed freezing them in their tracks.


Before they could react a dozen or more armed enemies sprung up from beneath the sand near them and quickly subdued and removed their weapons. The figure out in the distance drew closer and it was soon as to his appearance, Wearing black plated armor with gold lining as well as a helm covering all but his eyes and carrying a lance the man spoke an a jokingly and slightly mocking tone. "Well look what we have here, a bunch of patriotic men and woman looking to liberate their country."


The woman although restrained shouted out angrily "Your are the piss poor bastard responsible for the disappearances and supply ambushes right!?!?" She struggled viciously causing another person to come over to help restrain her "I am gonna tear your god damn throat out."


The Crow laughed a bit "As much I would like to entertain a dance with a lovely lady such as yourself I am a professional and as a professional I put work before pleasure." He murmured quickly into his linkpearl before continuing "You guys call yourself a resistance but you are some of the dumbest shits I have met so far. Your plans are rudimentary, your chain of command is feasible at best, your information line is severely compromised and..." before he could continue mocking the woman managed to break free and land a vicious kick on his head before being completely subdued.


The crow while dazed was not knocked to the ground and slowly turned to the woman "It is a shame I can not partake in pleasure, I honestly would not mind testing my skills against your own. The world is not very accommodating though." In a deft movement he quickly draws and thrusts his lance into the womans heart, slightly startling the people restraining her and causing the other captives to cry out in anguish, fear and rage. He spoke once more "Lets get them to the location, the empire is not renowned for their patience" the screaming and shouting quickly died out and was replaced with a defeated and terror filled air. "Oh don't be so sad you all will be remembered as patriots to your country who fought valiantly for their homeland" he then laughed again "And you also gave me quite the pay day."



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