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Teafeestry Open Wine Tasting

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[align=center]TEAFEESTRY OPEN WINE TASTING[/align]




Who: Anyone! Seriously, anyone; If you like food and/or drinks, this event is one you should consider!

When: Oct. 24th, 2016 || 19:30 CST (7:30 PM CST)

Where: Wineport in Eastern La Noscea! Event area is restricted to within the town walls. Base of Operations is at the north side, in the tavern/bar.




Hello all, Leggerless here attempting to make my name in the event scene not through cabarets, nor fighting tournaments, nor balls, nor taverns.


Instead, I shall host... food events! Afterall, one does not simply feast at food events. The culinarian side of RP is something I find is either underappreciated or often done in a private venue, away from the eyes of would-be chefs or people unsure of what to make of this lovely art. The chefs in Eorzea aren't just the creme of the crop, they make the creme of the crop.


So! Here's how the event is going to down. To make the evening more special, I create a custom menu (with Photoshop) each patron and advertisements out in the world receive. As there's an art to when the dishes are received through the evening, the event will be on a strict timetable. Each dish is also accompanied by a particular wine.


For IC purposes, assume the trays distributed out to each person are big enough to hold the plate of food and the drink, but light enough to carry in one hand.


This week's custom menu--and schedule--is below:







19:30 CST



19:40 CST

Course 1: Appetizer


20:00 CST

Course 2: Soup


20:20 CST

Course 3: Salad


20:40 CST

Course 4: Palate Cleanser [Doubles as intermission!]


21:00 CST

Course 5: Main Course/Entree


21:20 CST

Course 6: Cheese & Fruit


21:40 CST

Course 7: Dessert


22:00 CST

Closing Period (And "Meet the Chef") [Lasts for 1 hour until 23:00 CST]


At each time, a /yell goes out with a brief description of what's to come. Ten minutes before the next course is served, another /yell is made stating cleanup and picking up dishes and silverware from the current course is underway.[/align]




Whew! How often do events give you schedules like that, eh?


As for volunteers, you may act as a volunteer waiter/waitress or even a guest chef for the evening by whispering me in game at Leggerless Hanzou. The evening of the event, you will be invited into a party with me. Due to party size limitations, I can take up to 7 volunteers. In the case of volunteers or no volunteers, please assume that NPC staff will pass out dishes to you. At each /yell annoucing the new course, you can emote receiving the next tray and/or passing off your previous one for it.


As for persons or companies offering a place to host this event inside of their house, also PM me at the same name. I'll request that the house is either a Medium or a Large with plenty of table space. I can manage with a Small, but the clustering issue is greatly magnified in a small as you have 2 floors compared to 3. For all house sizes, ensure that you have a functional, IC kitchen. I will personally stop by the area before approving it as well.


Anyways. Hope you guys like what you see. It's the first time I'm hosting an event of my own and I'm a bit excited for it.

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