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How do you (voo)doo?

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The Mamool Ja seem to cast curses using enchanted totems, but how they work isn't really all that clear to me. I think there are Conjurers among them, so it may just be a fancy roundabout method of Conjury. They're also a beast tribe, so it's not likely their art will have spread far, though learning from them isn't impossible. It's not quite a voodoo doll, but maybe something similar?

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Pretty much anything involving sympathetic magic is good for this. The frequent use of various forms of blood suggests that it's a possibility. Y'shtola's resurrection also involves a form of sympathetic magic by relying on an object close to her - her sister - in order to create a link with her spirit in the aether.


The tools and trappings for a more shamanistic interpretation of sympathetic magic are all there, between the use of common elements like those mentioned above and the presence of shamanistic traditions like the Mamool Ja and Vundu. All it would take is a character interested in applying one of the magic-wielding classes through that particular lens for it to happen.

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