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Dev. Blog - Soundtrack II: The Wrath of Knee-Sokahn

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Hey! Hey!


Masayoshi Soken here. Known by innocent passersby as that guy whose eyes are constantly fixed on their be-knickered calves, but known by the world as Solemn Seeker of Knee Socks, Knee-Soken! You may remember me from such roles as “FINAL FANTASY XIV Sound Director,” and “that disembodied arm in the 5th Producer Letter Live.”


Where is Fernehalwes? The last time I saw him, he was staring glassy-eyed into a text-filled monitor mumbling incoherently about a new lore forum and PC naming conventions. Which is why I was so easily able to jack the Developers’ Blog once again! Mwahahahaha!


But why jack the blog unless…I have something to leak to you all? Exactly! I’ve whipped up a mix of several tracks from Gridania and the Black Shroud to go with the last batch of music from Limsa Lominsa. Take a listen!




Now I know what you’re thinking, and before you flood my Twitter account with tweets like...


“Wait a minute! This music sounds suspiciously familiar… Yeah! These are the tracks used in the walkthrough video released more than a month ago! There’s nothing new here! I want my money back!”


...I want you to listen again closely. Tucked between some of the more familiar tracks is a version of the Gridania theme…that will only play during the evening hours!


Now take a look above your head. You see that light bulb there? It’s there because you just realized the magnitude of that statement—if there are separate variations on themes for both day and night…it could mean there are different variations based on other factors as well…for example, even the weather!


That’s GREAT, you say? Of COURSE it’s great…for YOU! But who do you think has to CREATE all those different variations? There are only so many hours in a day! Now, I suppose I could cut back on sleep by getting my assistant to nap for me…and if I got an IV, I could forego all meal plans…and then I reckon I could get a catheter to help cut back on all those pesky trips to the- GAH! What am I doing here on the Developer's Blog? I should be composing!

"Hey guys, just popping in to let you know the monster post (around 12 pages in Word) is complete for all 5 races (10 clans x 2 genders), as is a Roegadyn dictionary with over 450 entries (and rules on how to transform verbs into nouns and nouns into adjectives, so it's closer to 750 entries). We're now waiting for lore team approval and translation into Japanese.


So worry not. IT IS COMING. And SOON.


Thanks for being patient, everyone!" - Fernehalwes

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