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  1. I'm a long-time FFXIV Roleplayer, that hasn't roleplayed in a long-time. =( That's really for two reasons. 1: I didn't get right into it at 2.0 launch because there was so much to do in this now-full-game I'd invested in the lore of already, and I sidelined RP for the first month or two to play the game. 2: I work overnights and sleep days, so it's hard to be on when others are. That said, I'm looking for a group active around 6am-12pm EST (GMT-5). If this does not apply to you, I'm sorry, but I need to sleep approximately 12-8, and work 10-6. I don't have many days off,
  2. *Gasp* Aww, I'm the model! I should get more stuff from you soon. Right after I reenter the RP scene.
  3. Dang, you know you're active and well liked when people note 'inactivity' after only 5 days. =P Do belay the worries, she's doing just fine.
  4. You can import 1.0 and Beta character save files into the Character Creation Benchmark. Just not into the actual client when it launches, so be sure to load them and save them on the benchmark.
  5. I agree with the late and tired. I thought I'd kinda figured out why there was the differences, but I was being lazy and not checking them again. lol
  6. Thanks Rock! Updated OP. Although I've noticed some people had issues downloading/running the benchmark, and I wonder if it was because NA was messed up. I had no problems from that EU site. lol
  7. That's strange, I got some completely different figures on the same benchmark client (I hope?)... Male Roegadyn 7'0.1" 7'3.4" 7'6.7" Female Roegadyn 6'3.6" 6'9.6" 7'3.7" Male Elezen 6'4.4" 6'7.5" 6'10.2" Female Elezen 6'0.2" 6'3.2" 6'6.1" Male Highlander 6'0.2" 6'3.8" 6'6.8" Female Highlander 5'6.2" 5'11" 6'1.8" Male Midlander 5'6.1" 5'8.9" 5'11.6" Female Midlander 5'2" 5'4.5" 5'7.1" Male Miqo'te 5'2.7" 5'5.4" 5'8.2" Female Miqo'te 4
  8. Read over this introduction to the Holy See of Ishgard and the conquered nation of Ala Mhigo, and learn what lies beyond the borders of Gridania, Ul'dah, and Limsa Lominsa. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/news/article/130801_cities Come face to face with the foremost minions of Gaius van Baelsar─three distinct individuals united in their undying loyalty to the legatus. (Also Ascians/Paragons) http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/world/threats See just how well FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn will run on your computer. This official benchmark software uses actual maps and character
  9. Dang this was hard! I'll add some later accurate to his personality on a finer level. This is all mostly character concept. /sleep
  10. There are some things people will generally frown at you for, like (off the top of my head) whipping out two gun-blades, and fighting like a legatus on meth suddenly. To me this shouts "THIS GUYS THE ENEMY!" ICly, but OOCly, I might just feel like this person is making their character concept over-powered. I may eat my words if SE releases gunblades for a class, but I personally feel like this is one of those things that is just outside the limits. I personally like to use Paladin and White Mage for RP (1.0 anyway), but my character was capable of a dragoons ability to jump. As an I
  11. As both a miner and an Armorer, I'm very interested in this idea. You seem to be a more casual linkshell, which is good, as it gives opportunities to play/rp with new people without committing to more than one heavy RP ls that demands a lot of your time. My question, however, is just how involved do you intend this shell to be? Would you just come up with event ideas and have crafting circles? Or maybe actually seek out people who need things made?
  12. Now the internet knows who you are. Be afraid... Well now it's even MORE aware of it. Thanks. Thanks a lot. lol idk. I am Mark. The one true Mark.
  13. Hahaha Kerr. Totally accurate~ But yeah, Mtoto knows what I'm referring to. I enjoy voice chats as a means to hang out OOCly, (And I can't MMO without one) but voice rp is not what I was getting at. lol Just a real time skype chatroom that we can rp in with appropriately timed reactions. Events sound awesome, and it's just very convenient. I am 'Mark.Fernandez999' on skype, feel free to add me!
  14. I'm really excited for this. Are you guys on skype? You should consider making a skype chat room for your recruitment that happens for characters that did not go through with the time skip. I'm not much for forums and such, I'm bad at keeping up with them. I'd like to join by meeting your characters and discussing things ICly, as I think Myllor would be a perfect fit, but I don't want to have to wait for specific time frames, like when the beta is up, or for the official start of 2.0. lol
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