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† Sigil of Seven †

Akeno Asukai

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[align=center]† Sigil of Seven †


[align=center]Black Market Acquisitions Company[/align]

[align=center]Proprietor's of the Last Bell Lounge[/align]



Othard Origins;

For centuries the Far East has whispered of rumors centered around a cabalistic group of dissolute individuals bound and determined to deliver this world into a new dawn of debauchery. These enigmatic creatures, while human, have often been portrayed as demons -- voidsent masquerading in plain sight, corrupting the good and dragging the purest of souls down into the muck.

          Such tales were often voiced to young children in the hopes of educating them against the temptations presented by those bearing the mark of the Seven; and in the more recent years, these particular myths has been centered around a small village nestled into one of Othard's many mountainsides.



Eorzean Arrivals;

With the arrival of Au Ra on Eorzean soils, the hushed cries of the Seven have followed, trailing behind the scaled visitors like a plague; infecting the ears of the naive and leading lost souls into the bowels of sin. 

          But such whispers remain incomplete, speaking to the unchained nature of the beast (so to speak) and briefly brushing the topic of its newly crowned conductor -- a pale horned witch born of Othard blood, hiding amidst the refugees of Doma. 



A New Home for Sin;

Some rumors speak hidden truths and those circulating around a particular lounge tell the story of a pale witch and her band of unabashed adventurers using the thrill of a night without societies chains to lure those of good intentions down a dark and dangerous path...



[align=center]" Twelve pray for those trapped in the labyrinth of lust. "[/align]

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