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Comedy & Adventure Street Gang is Recruiting

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I play Ma'sae Pohju ( Tumblr and RPC Entry ) your run-of-the-mill Ul'dahn two-bit street trash. 


I'd love to make connections with other characters with similar interests. I'm recruiting for a street gang, a small collection of less-than-lawful types to run around and cause trouble together. 


There are some beautiful morally-gray or criminally-minded linkshells and free companies out there but my aim is something a little less serious. Thieves who try hard but are the perfect example of why they say 'crime doesn't pay'. At the end of the day they may not come out ahead but at least they had fun.


If this sounds like something you'd be into please take a look at The Draffthouse Barons.


Tumblr Here and our Linkshell Listing Here

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