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Silver Lily Gives to Doman Refugees 11-2-16

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As part of the Silver Lily’s ongoing mission to better the realm, we shall be doing once-monthly events to properly engage those in need of help withing the realm. From helping refugees find work and money, to visiting orphanages! We plan to help all those in need and make proper connections so the realm may prosper and grow! For the betterment of Eorzea.





Our first event shall be held at “Saika”, a Doman-themed restaurant.

The restaurant will be taking gil donations to help Domans. Similarly, Oyun, the proprietor will be looking for people to help out around the restaurant! So if you’re in need of work, speak with Oyun!





You can find the menu for Saika by clicking here! We hope to see you there to help us better the realm.





Saika is located in the Lily Hills Apartments, Apartment 16, Ward 6. The event shall begin on November 2, starting around 8:30pm EST. 

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I've received a few questions about the "donations" aspect of this event. 


Though we were mostly expecting IC donations, payment for food and drink, etc. We will accept OOC donations both for the Free Company as well as for expanding Saika into a bigger space--the proprietor of Saika, Oyun, hopes to someday own a medium house for her restaurant, and appreciates help! Similarly, Silver Lily appreciates any help given for our own development.


Of course, we are not expecting OOC donations, but any given would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advanced for any help given, and we hope to see you tomorrow night!

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