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I played FF14 for 2 years until the Catastophe in the lindblum/sargantanas server, but I never try to RP my character,and i looking for a new way to play the game different from the usual grind of quest/leves/party-exp etc...


--MMORPG background

my first, and most played MMORPG was Lineage 2( in several private server for many years), following WOW(1 year on private server) and FFXIV. i also tried for few months LOTRO, TERA and SWTOR. I never play FFXI (shame on me :cry:)


--RP experience

i have a little experience of RPG. i played several years until 2005 in a chat RPG and i still playing in a forum RPG. In L2 sometimes i did some random roleplaying as a dwarfphile dark elf, with his dwarf fiancee.


--Character ideas/info

I have some ideas for 2/3 different characters but I don't know which one to use. the choose will depend on the possibility to change server and/or character name.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

FFXIV official forum


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

light-medium due my inexperience in MMMORPG roleplaying, and because I'm italian so english isn't my first language but i hope to improve it with time. also I want try all features of the game (and complete it)


--Anything from real life youâ??re comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)I dunno, i already said I'm italian, so GTM+1 timezone. sometimes i wrote short stories and I practice medieval swordmanship

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Welcome!  Medieval swordsmanship sounds like a really interesting hobby!  Do you use different kinds of swords?  And is it much different from fencing?  I've always been interested by that kind of stuff and almost took up fencing when I was in college.  :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask around. We also have a RP Handbook a few of us recently worked on which may help you understand a little better what RP in an MMO is like. It's a long read but there is a table of contents at the start so you can skip around to the sections that are the most interesting to you.


Welcome to the RPC! :chocobo:

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Welcome!  Medieval swordsmanship sounds like a really interesting hobby!  Do you use different kinds of swords?  And is it much different from fencing? 

Yes we use a one-handed sword, bastard sword, dagger and buckler. For instance today I do unarmed defense from dagger.


I also played fencing (foil) so i can say that there a differences. In fencing the match are always vis-a-vis, you cannot do lateral step, instead in the medieval swordmanship the lateral movement it's a good move for parring and dodging tha opponet's blade. Most important, fencing is a sport, the last step of the evolution of western swordmanship so it's elegant and refined with little and fast movements of the armed arm for touching the oppent, while the medieval swordmanship  is the fastest way to kill your opponent in a battlefield.

This is my opinion.


I have some question about the conventions of the chat. How will be discriminate the IC from OOC, and the description of an action from speech?

There aree some european RP linkshell or all are international?

Thank to all

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In game, OOC text is generally denoted by ((saying things in parentheses)) or [brackets]. This is only necessary when you are in a role playing situation, though. If you are speaking in a linkpearl that is strictly used OOCly (such as Backstage/Intermission) there is no need for them as it is assumed that you are OOC.


When emoting, people use their prefered style. I see many people use *asterisks* or -dashes- to denote an action during their speech.


/s -smiles wryly- Well met!

Aysun Demiir: -smiles wryly- Well met!


However, we also have the /em command at our disposal. Typing /em and then your action is common and in those situations people simply use quotes to denote speech, much like narrating a story.


/em bows, "Well met!"

Aysun Demiir bows, "Well met!"


Use whatever you are most comfortable doing! We can usually figure it out. :)


All of the role playing linkshells I have seen are international. That being said, timezones usually don't matter much, as people are up at varying hours no matter where they are!

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