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Glowfly Ventures

Veyha Yanjahl

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[align=center]Recruitment is closed![/align]



[align=center]Lavender Beds

Ward 12, Plot 35[/align]


[align=center]About Us[/align]


Adventurers and hunters, to scholars, mages, and merchants! Glowfly Ventures is a multi faceted Free Company with a focus on pursuing the many illustrious avenues of work that the realm of Eorzea and those beyond have to offer. Primarily based out of the vibrant forests of the Black Shroud, this adventuring company is looking to grow and expand in name, client base, and reputation with your help!


Paired with a myriad of other services, Glowfly Ventures takes pride in forming business partners with like minded Free Companies, whether for jobs as simple as vendoring tradecrafts or supplying tavern locales with much needed ale shipments,  securing and escorting priceless gems and artifacts across the oftentimes treacherous lands of Eorzea, or the slaying of the ferocious beasts that inhabit them.


[align=center]What are we looking for?[/align]


Many of the tasks assigned to Glowfly Ventures will often take you all over Eorzea! Whether you're a seasonsed adventurer or someone who has yet to dirty their boots, you're bound to experience new, exciting places and opportunities. Should your talents lay with your martial prowess or arcane ability you will find yourself at home within the Disciple of War or Magic division. If you're seeking to utilize your skills with a knife and awl to craft, or saw and scythe to gather, you'll fit well into the Disciple of Land or Hand division where you help ensure the company turns a profit. At present, we are looking to hire those with a background relating to the following:


  • New and Experienced Adventurers alike
  • Mercenaries
  • Hunters
  • Merchants
  • Engineers
  • Information Brokers
  • Scholars


[align=center]Where and how can you apply.[/align]


Interested in joining? Please, stop by our estate located in the Lavender Beds, ward 12, plot 35, or contact Yvenalise Tachibana, or Admiah Kreiston.

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[align=center]As of Sunday, November 13th, 2016, Glowfly Exchange recruitment is temporarily closed whilst we see to new applicants and recruits! Recruitment will open once more on November 28th, 2016.




Thank you for your patience!:chocobo:

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Rebranded, re-launched, and re-opened! Come stop by Glowfly Ventures and put in an application!


Our first FC wide RP arc, A Come to Ruin, has since been kicked off as well! The members of Glowfly have been hired by a Sharlayan scholar and are now working together to solve the mystery behind a Belah'dian artifact.



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