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[News] Band of Keepers Fight Injustice

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[align=center]Guild Report: Band of Keepers Fight Injustice[/align]


[align=center]By Elviane Tinville of The Raven[/align]



As stated in my previously corrected report, ‘Identity of King Poach of the Coeurlclaws Revealed’, I have found a truth far deeper and more heroic than the identity of said King. What I have for you is the beginning of a movement; a band of heroes who stand up for love and fight injustice. Keepers of the Moon who have said enough is enough, and take the fight to the groups of outlaws who give the more oppressed races of the Twelveswood a bad name!


Simb’a Fuhkintia, now revealed to be a mixed-clan Miqo’te who is actually named S’imba, met with me near the Botanist’s Guild on one fateful night not long ago, and explained how the confusion happened. I found the sketch of him to be -very- accurate, but as a show of peace, he came to me unarmed.


The suspected alliance between the Red Belly Wasps and the Coeurlclaw Poachers is lead by one horrible Elezen named Archford! S’imba further revealed that the dastardly alliance has now gained Garlean support! This rising threat may finally gain the attention of the Gridanian military.


More on that later. For now, Archford has set out to kidnap or assassinate a Moon-Keeper woman named Kiht who S’imba confessed his undying love for. Truly, love is what made this brave hero come forth to reveal this information to me.


Together with Nihka’to, S’imba and Kiht take on both forces of outlaws and their greedy, Garlean co-conspirators for the sake of love, justice and redemption for their race!


However, Archford is said to be hiding and secretly building his forces for a strike at the band who I now affectionately call “The Usurpers”. S’imba desperately prepares for war as he struggles with coming to terms with his feelings for Kiht, and dealing with the growing jealousy of Nihka’to who is also in love with the same woman!


Upon further investigation, I found little information on the trio since S’imba never offered out their family names. However, I would reward any people who come forth with information about The Usurpers, and extend invitations to any members of The Usurpers who would be willing to join me in an interview.


Some local Moon-Keepers are already rallying in favor of The Usurpers while other Gridanians are not so convinced. One orphaned Moon-keeper praises them as her new icons while a local Wood Wailer has branded them as another potential group of poachers who may be simply fighting in a feud with the Coeurlclaws.


Only Althyk will tell as his holy hour-glass relentlessly pours the sands of time. Keep watch for my reports in the future as I continue to cover this matter like a hungry raven watching a garden. May Menphina the Lover guide these heroes true.

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