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A new role player (EU)


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Hello Deagon here,

So where shall I start?


Well I guess by saying that I have no real experience with role playing, I actually did only two real attempts (1 time in FFXI and 1 time in FFXIV), which I actually enjoyed, but it wasn't thought out, and to be honest I had no real confidence in my role playing abilities.


One of the reasons is because I am from the Netherlands, and English isn't my native language. While I write more in English on forums than in Dutch, posting on a forum you have more time to find the right words, and spelling control also helps a bit.

But I really wish to at least try it out ingame.


My second reason is because I am a pretty casual player. And I play often at different times, which doesn't make it easy in LS and Guilds. 


My love for mmorpgs and interest for role playing started with Ultima Online. After some years playing I discovered that at my server there was a whole village created by role players, even with player guards and all, sadly when I discovered this it wasn't as active anymore, as it used to be.


I did had the chance to enjoy a few of the events that some role players created, like a weekly in-game auction, which everyone could come to, even if you didn't RP, and a kind of player created festival, with player created mini games. 

And yes I did take part in it once, it was really fun, while I didn't really role play.


I also had an RP friend in UO, who played a monk, he and a friend of him, gathered money to create a church, they only used the beg skill (pretty much only a RP skill) It was fun to see how they acted, but they talked in the old language, which was a bit hard to follow for me, but I did enjoy it a lot, and since then I always had the wish to RP, but never given it a real chance.


I really hope to see something like that in FFXIV ARR, because it make the world feel more alive.


So while I am new to RP I am not new to mmorpgs, played them for a long time, and many, but only a few longer then a month, I guess Ultima Online and FFXI are my favorites, I hope I can add FFXIV ARR to the list.


I am still busy to read a lot about RP, especially about FFXIV and RP, also started to read the guides this site has.


I am still not sure what race I want to play, I thinking of going with a hyur midlander male, but I also have a bit interest in the Elezen male, and now with the male Miqo'te added it is even harder for me to decide.


Still I hope I can decide before the game starts. 


I have some ideas about my character, and will post about him soon, because I could use some advice.


Anyway I hope to learn a lot about RP here.

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Welcome to the RPC! Even though you don't have too much experience roleplaying this website and community have a lot of great resources to tap into. You could always check out some of the lore threads to get a better idea of the world we live in, or look at the character Wiki to get an idea of how some people would construct their's. Otherwise if there's anything you would like to know just feel free to ask!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome and the good tips, I will look into all of it.


I am having fun with reading the player directory.

It also give me an idea how to build it up. When reading my fingers start to twitch to start my own story. 


But still a lot to read before I go to that part.

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