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:!: Cat of Fortune is a Rank 8 RP-FC, focused in roleplay, leveling and helping our comapany members to reach end game content. Aside from a friendly and active FC chat in game, we work with discord and voice chat for those who want to use it.


:arrow: About the company:

The Cat of fortune is a mainly RP-FC, founded by Xha'to and Asahara on july 2016. We currently own a small house in the Goblet, where we run weekly Roleplay events at our In Character coffee shop, The Black Cat Café.

We have leveled crafters, airships and help new and veteran players to clear old and new content in game.


We have weekly events to get our company mates together, such as Map/aquopolis hunting and more recently, Wondrous Tails clearing nights.




:arrow: Applying:


Interested and want to join us? Please fill in our recruitment request in our website. We will contact you with an FC invite as soon as we get the request.

Also, feel free to talk to us in game and ask for a invite.



[align=center]:idea: More information in our guild website :idea:[/align]

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I just wanted to say what a pleasant and well-run event the newly-reopened Black Cat Cafe is! I attended as Zhah'ra for the Grand Reopening, and I had a great time.

Thank you so much :love: I'm glad you had a good time, and thanks for coming over!

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