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Third Annual Secret Smilebringer Event!

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((First time using these forums so forgive me if I do it wrong. orz))


Small boxes with a hole cut in their tops have been placed in the pubs and Adventurer's Guilds of each main city-state (plus Ishgard) as well as the Gold Saucer, next to lightly-perfumed flyers that read as such:




[align=center]Announcing D'emi Rhojah's Third Annual Secret Smilebringer Event!


[align=center]Come join us in a celebration of love and kindness! All are welcome!


[align=center]If you would like to participate, please write your name on a scrap of paper/parchment/tissue/rock along with the sorts of things you enjoy! On ((December 18th)) I will send each participant the name of someone to get a gift for, and on ((December 31st)) there will be a party at the Hearth Haven Lodge (Ward 3 Plot 6) where presents will be exchanged![/align]





How it works:

I'll be taking signups until 11:59 PM UTC on December 17th, after which I will send each person the name of whom they will get a gift for and some suggestions as to what they might like. When you have gotten the gift for your recipient, please mail it to me so that they can be handed out at the event just in case you are unable to make it. I totally understand if you want to hold onto the gift until the event, but please at least let me know if you plan to do so so that I can keep track and know who to nag pester help. Then, on the day of the event, there will be an RP event hosted by myself at our FC's house where gifts will be passed around and general merriment and casual RP can occur.



Gift rules:

* Price cap is at 200k (glamours can be expensive yo), but don't feel like you need to get something expensive. Not all adventurers make mountains of gil!

* When submitting your character's preferred items, please be reasonable. This is supposed to be fun and light-hearted; it's not a competition of who can spend the most (unless that is something your character would do in which case go for it I guess???)

* I can craft many glamour items (including replica Allagan/High Allagan/Dreadwyrm and half of the shiny primal weapons) and would be happy to help if provided materials. I am also willing to help farm materials that drop from Trials and Raids.

* If you need help thinking of what to get for someone, PLEASE ASK ME! I will get in touch with your recipient and ask them for more suggestions!


The Event:

Where: Hearth Haven Lodge (Ward 3, Plot 6)

When: December 31st at 3 PM UTC / 10 AM EST (I live in an unusual timezone so the event is at 9 PM my time- I will likely have to go afk for 15-30 minutes to ring in the New Year with the family :P)




If you want to sign up, either send me a /tell or friend request in XIV (D'emi Rhojah), or leave a post here! s( >w<)-b

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