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Wayfarer's Rest: Starlight Singles Night 12\21\17


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[align=center]Wayfarer's Rest: Starlight Singles Night[/align]




Feeling lonely? Tired of spending the holidays alone? Fear not! For we have the solution for you! On the 21st day of this moon, the Wayfarers of Eorzea are holding a night for those who are looking for a special someone to enjoy the upcoming seasons with. Anyone looking for a significant other is welcome regardless of orientation and your first drink is on us!


But how do I know what someone is looking for? Wouldn't that be awkward?


Simple! Those who are looking for a female companion wear something red, while those looking for a male companion wear something blue. If interested in both, wear something purple. This could be your shirt, a hat, anything that stands out! Just be sure you only wear one color.

We will start gathering and serving on the 7th toll(7pm CST) and will serve until the 10th(10pm CST) at Plot 58, Ward 6 of the Goblet.



Where: Plot 58, Ward 6 of the Goblet

When: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CST, December 21st(Thursday)


Good Morning Everyone! Or Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or Good Night!


Wow, it's been another year. This event will actually take place on the exact same day we first opened our doors two years ago. For those who remember us, and those of whom we haven't met yet, we welcome you back to Wayfarer's Rest once more for the Third Annual Starlight Singles Night. The IC instructions sum up the guidelines as far as how the event works. As far as rules, go most can be summed up by respecting our establishment OOCly and not starting any fights, IC or OOC, in the bar and to respect other patrons. We won't promise you will find someone, but remember that every person that shows up is looking for a companion the same as you. I hope everyone enjoys our little event.


Disclaimers: All food and drinks are IC RP items only, no real gil or items will be traded in this event.


We look forward to seeing you there! Take care and have a good one!

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It's that time of the year again, and we are hosting another Singles Night in tradition of the Starlight Celebration. While these have become more common due to popularity, I'm still keeping the tradition going. We welcome all to come and try to find that special someone for Starlight!

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