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The Mischief's Coven <<Thief>>

Lilira Lira

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Nestled in the vibrant and beautiful streets of Gridania’s Lavender Beds lies a simple, homely tavern with a warm, cozy atmosphere, fun-loving staff, and a reputation for being a good place to relax after a long day of hard work and travel. Located in the 12th ward on the 50th plot, the lounge offers a full bar ranging from the budget drink to the exotic, and an additional menu of home-cooked meals for those with an appetite. This is Mischief’s Coven Tavern- or, at least, what most people know about it.


In truth, this reputable tavern is little more than a front for an expansive group of brigands who have come together to ply the trades they are best at: thievery, extortion, racketeering, spying, drug dealing, and far more. When there is gil to be made or opportunity to be had, there’s little the Coven won’t do. Even then, the simple brigands of the Coven are bound together by something stronger than the mere lure of gil: they are bound together by camaraderie as a family. Here in the Coven, there is no greater sin than to betray your own, and those that do so face punishments far worse than simple death. Owing allegiance to the family is not without benefit, however, for the family always protects its own: “If you hit me? We’ll hit you.”


The Coven family recruits new blood into its ranks often by word of mouth only. Those who operate regularly in the circles of thieves, the underworld, or deal with the black market can often glean the rumor needed to gain entry beyond the facade of the tavern: merely approach the barkeep and order a Bloody Mary. There is no certainty what happens after- only that those who dare are tested, and if they succeed, they become part of the family.


Out of Character[/align]



Welcome to the recruitment page for the Mischief’s Coven!


As mentioned above, the Coven is both a tavern and an organized crime family- or, in short, it’s a mafia-owned tavern. Patrons can come and go, have a good time, and will never suspect that there’s something more sinister at work behind the scenes. For those who have the stomach for it, there’s a whole world of opportunity behind the curtain.


The Coven is somewhat unique. While we do have our own internal stories to progress, we also host community events and are arguably far more focused on creating stories that interact with the general community. The Coven collaborates out-of-character with both individuals and other free companies to create “jobs” for both the Coven’s membership and freelance opportunists. These jobs are arranged ahead of time and make accommodations so that everyone will have fun and limitations are known beforehand. Perhaps you’d like your character to be robbed, and want a sentimental item stolen by a thief who just thought it was a valuable bauble? Perhaps you manage to catch the thief, and they’re apprehended by the authorities? Perhaps you return to ask the thief some questions, only to find the thief escaped when a guard was paid off? Or, perhaps the thief was never caught at all, and now you’re on a hunt to find where they went?


There’s all kinds of possibilities, and the Coven isn’t meant to always succeed or fail. As such, the Coven openly welcomes OOC feedback on how we’re doing- we aim to make sure jobs go smoothly and are fun most of all!


As touched on before, you don’t necessarily need to join the Coven free company to participate as a contractor on Coven jobs. While you most certainly will get maximum exposure by actually joining the free company, we do employ characters outside of the free company too! In some cases, this can actually enhance a lot of the storytelling we aim to weave.


Needless to say, because of the nature of the Coven, we have many mature themes and are therefore an 18+ free company! Believe me, we do sex, drugs, and rock & roll in abundance. Additionally, this is an evil-aligned guild. Characters outside of this alignment are possible, but it's something to keep in mind!


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"A Job for two Lads."

RP with Rarakumo Nonokumo and Ein Arkhan!




Liliro, was just minding the Bar when two Gents, A lalafell named Rarakumo Nonokumo and a Roe Ein Arkhan came on inside. They decided to order a couple drinks, Bloody marys. Knowing exactly what the boys were after, Lili slipped them a note and linkpearl discreetly telling them they will be contacted soon for work...



A couple suns passed, and the linkpearl Buzzed. Mistress mischief had a job, and it was the lads chance to prove themselves to the boss. They met outside Ul'dah at Scorpions Crossing in the dead of night, cloaked and secluded. Mistress Mischief gave them the mark's Address. The Job was simple, follow an Au Ra named Ataashi to his company, then wait until its clear, and clean the place out. The Lads agreed and left. 



It was only two days later when the Lads buzzed the pearl, hoping to reach the Mistress, They'd done it, the mission was complete. They met Miss Mischief in her office, a thick. bulging briefcase in hand as they walked in. They three chatted about how it went, apparently without a hitch. The two opened up the contents, filled to the brim with gil, diamonds, emeralds, all matter of shiny things. it was a score n' a half! Lili weighed in the contents, and paid the boys handsomely for their service. 15 Million Gil's worth! High end jobs pay high end bounties.



They shook hands, and the boys left, stating they will be back for further work soon...





(This was a lot of fun to roleplay out! Thanks to the two lads who decided to use the mischief's coven RP services and thank you to the guy for being such a good sport! If you wish to get involved, be it a victim or employee, give Liliro Liro a message!)

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[align=center]"You can never have enough protection."[/align]

[align=center]RP with Kasi Nebuko![/align]





Liliro was just filing some papers, Working a Criminal ring AND a tavern was hard work y'know! When someone entered her establishment. A youngish girl wearing full armor. She came, had a drink, asking for a Bloody mary. Lili immediately knew what the woman wanted when she asked for this, but instead of slipping her a linkpearl, she just shut early and told the girl to meet her outside..



The girl waited.. until Liliro emerged, dressed for battle with her famous purple blades on her hips. She explained that in order to meet the boss, you must first prove yourself. There was no better way to do this than by sparring in Lili's mind. And thats exactly what they did! The two fought, Lili playing naughty tricks such us attempting crotch punches and using smoke bombs but the girl held her own. After a few minutes Lili stopped the match... The girl has passed the test.



They entered the office. Lili immediately sitting in her giant chair behind her giant desk. The girl decided to bring in a ward of hers, a quiet girl who decided not to speak. They exchanged pleasantries, where she found out the girls name was Kasi! Lili spoke about what Kasi could offer her, and discovered that Kasi was very used to bodyguard work, but had a subtle favouritism against Mi'qote; Lili was assured that this wouldnt hinder her work.



The two chatted, talking about what Lili's business was all about, and what Kasi could do for her, Lili even tried to buy the slave Kasi had with her, but Kasi sadly refused. The two parted ways, with an agreement made than whenever Lili needed her, Kasi would come calling and protect.



(This was a fun introduction between two characters, with A third kitty being quiet in the corner! :3 If anyone is interested in joining in on the fun, simply give me a message and we will sort something out! Thanks!)




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[align=center]"She's got the goods."[/align]

[align=center]RP with Kyvha Silverwind[/align]



This girl, her name was Kyvha, wondered in with her husband some weeks ago, Desperate for lodgings and a viable job. Turns out she was a woman of many talents, and her looks weren't half bad either, Lili thought she'd test her, and ordered her to cut her husbands hand with a knife, To her surprise, she did it without a second thought (Poor guy!). Lili took them in, put them to work, however The husband has disappeared...[/align]



Kyvha is one of Lili's favourites, however she'll never admit that! They've sparred and Kyvha has this unique method with floating orbs Lili had never seen before, it caught her interest. Whenever Lili needs something, Ky is first at hand, willing to do anything for Mistress Mischief, her loyalty is faultless.[/align]



]Lili thought she'd once again test Ky's loyalty, seeing if Ky was actually officer material. She ordered Ky to find a rather skimpy outfit, and perform at the tavern infront of an audience, Many would have refused such a request, but Ky performed no problem. Shes someone that Lili can now rely on, and she's decided to promote the girl as her unoffical second in command. Turns out this "eyecandy" has a lot more to offer than just her looks. Lili has some jobs lined up for her... which may or may not involve her infiltrating an adult entertainment establishment...[/align]



](A Big congrats to my close friend KYVHA for getting promoted to the rank of officer, you've showed passion and dedication to the FC and I can't thank you enough for all your support. If anyone else would like to join, recruitment is currently open! Give myself (liliro liro) or Kyvha silverwind a message in game or even my skype (liliro.liro) is available. Thanks!)

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[align=center]"Its all part of the job."[/align]

[align=center]RP with The Mischief's Coven FC and Kasi Nebuko![/align]






The day was dawning, and Mistress Mischief had an assignment, something slightly different for her band of merry thieves and crooks. She'd heard wind of an adult entertainment establishment out in the Goblet, which was rich and prosperous; The Velvet Rose.  The Mistress called in her faithful group, and briefed them on the mission ahead, They met at scorpions crossing, and diving into the details.


The group were to acquire information from the courtesans which reside there, by any means necessary, Lili knew that they made a lot of gil, but wanted to know the details, where it was kept, how much of it!? The team, which consided of Khvya and her brother Z, Uriel Valentine and Kasi Nebuko, were to enter, disguised and acting as customers. They were each ordered to hire a courtesan, to find out information about where the company keeps their gil, security etc. Kasi was charged with keeping a lookout, as well as an on hand bodyguard should the situation get messy.


The group agreed, and were given their courtesan expenses, Some were slightly hesitant about the task at hand, but none of them disagreed. Lili smiled and wished them good luck, knowing their mission was clear. They ventured to the mansion, greeted and taken to the bar as their await their temporary "Companions." Khyva was initially given an strapping Roe, but her scared and hesitant self refused and therefore enjoyed the company of a female Miqo'te. She wasn't able to get any information from the courtesan, and ran out panicked and embarrassed before the session had properly begun. Z and Uriel on the otherhand, managed to scope out the possible entrances, and gathered useful intel for the mistress, including a key which Uriel slipped from the courtesan's pocket. Unsure of what exactly it gained access to.


All in all the mission was a success, and Lili knows where the gil is hidden, who manages it, and how to retrieve it. It certainly wasn't the easiest of missions, but one which needed to be done. 


(This was a super fun and kinda hilarious RP event with the FC, where they visited the velvet Rose Brothel in search of information! Thanks to everyone who took part, as well as the courtesan's who were such good sports! If you like what you read, then give me a message and maybe you could join! -Liliro Liro)

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[align=center]"Don't let it breathe on you!"[/align]

[align=center]RP with Zehna and So'tahzi Lharogo and Athulis Faulkner (DM EVENT!)[/align]






Mistress mischief had a mission, and therefore called Zehna, So'tahzi and Athulis to the lobby. She begun explaining that the Coven were in the dealing game, and she needed them to go harvest a specific drug, one which was very sought-after on the back-alley market. 

She told them to go to a specific location in the shroud and await orders, And so they left, on Chocobo back.


They arrived at the Giant log in central shroud when a guard stopped them, asking them to dismount their 'bo's and produce Identification to pass. Athulis walked forward, having a quiet and mildly threatening word with the guard, he agreed and let them though... On foot. They came across a little girl, who was crying on the floor, They discovered the girls cat had fallen onto a ledge down a bottomless pit...


The group decided to help! tying a rope around So'tahzi and gingerly lowering him down to the cat. The poor bloke had a couple dances with death as rope slipped and he lost his footing a couple times, however he managed to make it back in one piece. The girl smiled and clapped, running away without even a thank you to the people who risked their lives for her. The group scowled and continued on.



They came to their destination, where Lili spoke in her pearl. Telling them that the drug was Morbol saliva, and the only way to get it is to kill one. The group engage a beast of a Morbol! The beast almost eating and crushing Zehna and So'tahzi (Terrible rolls guys

xD) The group were wounded, hit with fatigue from bad breath and on their last legs.. but they managed to bring down the beast,; harvesting it. They journeyed home on chocobo back, passing out in the infirmary shortly after... 


(This DM event was hosted by myself! It was super fun to RP out and they all had a blast! Almost died... but still had a blast! Silly RNG ;3 If you would like to get involved then please, poke me! - Liliro Liro)

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[align=center]"An impromptu Kidnapping?"[/align]

[align=center]RP with Kasi Nebuko, THIEF, Rasputin Nightengale, and others! [/align]



[align=center]The Mischief's coven were just having a normal day in the tavern, when a mysterious figure came in. A criminal mastermind, wanted for murder asked to see mistress mischief, with an interested proposition. Rasputin Nightengale, informed lili that there were three gentlemen about to come into her bar, three gentlemen that had ties with the maelstorm, and he needed kidnapping...[/align]



[align=center]The mistress agrees and lures the three gentlemen into her office with promise of work. The girl explains to them, guards surrounded in her room, that Rasputin was here, and it was time for him to collect what he came here for. The men swore, panicked by what may happen next, as lili ordered her guards to draw their weapons and bind the gents.[/align]



[align=center]Rasputin comes in, thanking the Mistress for co-operating, pays her handsomely, and takes the three men, borrowing a couple of Lili's guards to escort them to southern thanalan...[/align]



[align=center](This was a bit of spontaneous RP which quickly took flight and escalated! A bunch of fun we were all giggling! IF you wanna get involved with this crazyness, have a chat with me!)[/align]

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[align=center]"Stealing from the Garleans..."[/align]

[align=center]RP with Kasi Nebuko, Rye Edmond, So'tahzi and Zehna Lharogo (DM EVENT)[/align]




[align=center]It was that time again, and Lili had a job for her Coven. This job was a tricky one, stealing some allegan weaponry and Cerenum Fuel from Castrum Centri. Mistress Mischief had a plan, it was all thought out, and it involved disguises...[/align]


[align=center]Lili took out a map, and begun explaining her plan. They were to gain access to the Base, pretending Zehna was a prisoner as they wore garlean clothing to hopefully gain entry, If they got that far, they were to grab an access key, which opened the weapons vault. They would they go and grab some fuel from the tanks on the way out of the Castrum, hopefully without any violence... It seemed simple![/align]


[align=center]The group set out for Castrum, and made it there in one piece. They spoke to the guard at the gate, who fell for their little trick and they managed to gain entry. They found a secluded spot where Zehna could change into her disguise, however a guard patrol of two caught them, but were quickly killed by Rye squishing their heads together (splat). Kasi hid the bodies as they continued.[/align]


[align=center]They approached the guard for the access key, So'tahzi managing to blag enough in order to convince the guard to hand over the key. They managed to get the key, being quite lucky with their persuasion. They made it to the vault, where it was guarded by a magitek armor, So'tahzi once again smooth talked their way past, and they gained access. [/align]


[align=center]They begun grabbing weapons when they heard on the radio that two bodies of guards were found, the Castrum was placed on alert and every guard was called for inspection. Another guard found them in the vault and engaged them, but Kasi managed to kill him, not before So'tahzi was sliced deep in the torso.[/align]


[align=center]The group managed to sneak their way near the tanks, before they were spotted from afar, 100 Garleans begun chasing them. So'tahzi, even being wounded, tried to go for the tanks, but Rye grabbed him and the group made their hasty escape, Rye being shot in the shoulder with an arrow as they escaped. The group were alive, with some allegan weapons but no fuel... It was definitely a close call![/align]


[align=center](This was a DM event hosted by ME! (liliro Liro) It was a great deal of fun for everyone involved. If you wanna get involved with this stuff, then give me a message, we do all sorts of RP, not just events ^.^)[/align]

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[align=center]"Battle of the Bards"[/align]

[align=center]RP with THIEF and the RP community of Balmung![/align]






[align=center]Lili decided it was time to host an event, and event to involve the community The Coven resided in, in order to keep up their cover, they must act like a friendly tavern. Rara, a trusted friend of hers, was drinking at the bar one night, when he came up with an idea.. a testing competition involving bards pitched against eachother, They called it, Battle of the bards![/align]


[align=center]She begun putting up flyers, advertising in the local news for Bards to perform in her show, which was to take place inside the Mischiefs Coven Tavern, and quickly gathered a lot of interest.[/align]


[align=center]The night soon came, and people from all corners of Eorzea arrived to enjoy the performance. There were quite a few contestants, all of which performed amazingly, and everyone had fun, the event was a success! There were laughs and giggles, and also moments of serenity, all in all, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.[/align]


[align=center](This event was an absolute blast! we had so many people show up it was fabulous. I counted about 35-40 people of the community at one point inside our little tavern. Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who took part in the event. If you wanna get involved in future, give me or Kasi Nebuko a poke!)[/align]





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[align=center]"The Heist"[/align]

[align=center]Encounter between the Hydaelyn Protectors, THIEF & Croix[/align]


Kasi had heard there was some small vigilante group operating outside of the Goblet in Ul'dah, and where there was a freelance police force, there were confiscated goods. With the coffers of the Coven always needing more gil for continued expansion, Kasi rallied the Coven thieves and set them to a high-stakes bait-and-switch task: to draw the vigilantes out of hiding by staging a mugging down the street, stall them, and while they were occupied, one of the Coven thieves would infiltrate the hideout, case the place for valuables, and loot whatever they could fit into their pockets. Kasi ventured into their headquarters, claiming to be a 'passer-by' who had witnessed the mugging in progress- and the trap was sprung.




Unfortunately, the Coven bait team was overrun in fairly short order and captured, but the Coven thieves were able to successfully case and loot the headquarters before withdrawing without incident. While Kasi had originally planned to wait until the Coven members were in the Brass Blade's prison to bribe them free, an unexpected turn of events took place: a friend of one of the thieves who carried influence with the Brass Blades arrived. The fellow had no subtly to his corruption, and intimidated the Brass Blades to set the Coven muggers free- in front of the vigilantes, who were livid. A short standoff ensued, but the vigilantes had little choice but to accept the outcome... for now. 



[align=center]"A Crossing of Roads"[/align]

[align=center]A small gathering between THIEF and the Shroudwolf Clan's families[/align]



It had been a while since Kasi had hosted one of her 'Meat' & Greets for her Miqo'te clan family back home, and she saw little reason not to combine this occasion with an outing to a new locale: the Coven Tavern. There, members of THIEF met with some from Shroudwolf, in a brief crossing of the roads.





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[align=center]"The Final Sting.."[/align]

[align=center]RP With THIEF members! (DM event!)[/align]






[align=center]Lili had a job for the Coven, a drug run of sorts. She called everyone to the lobby, So she could lay out her plan to her loyal Family. The job was simple, explore the ruins of an ancient temple, find a killer Wasp hive, and harvest the wasps venom, which was an expensive drug on the black market.[/align]


[align=center]Lili explained her plan in detail, giving the group, which consisted of Jaz and Ren the Lalas, Elysa, Kasi, Athulis, Rosah, Narautu and Percival, three vials of antidote, only three. The group set off, travelling to Little Aha Mhigo to begin their trip to the Ruins outside the Sunken temple.[/align]


[align=center]They made it to the outskirts, however the group were immediately tested, A stone golem blocked their path, it seemed angry, stomping its feet. The team rushed forward to attack, Ren and Kasi looking to get in an early blow, but it seemed futile. It was only Percival's masterful shot (Rolling a 980 WOW) which took the monster down...[/align]


[align=center]The group continued onward, however surprise struck, and a booby trap was sprung! Kasi and Ren, once again taking the brunt, however only Kasi got hurt by the Bear trap buried under the sand. It was wise for the group to tread carefully, but Ren being stubborn pushes forward with haste, setting off another trap, a Giant log swing which sent her flying![/align]


[align=center]The group, in shock. The doctor, Jaz, rushed forward to tend to Ren, however Ren was out cold and in bad shape, the group left her by the entrance and pressed on. Their tactical move to blow away the sand with some wind magic paying off as they made it to the Wasp hive.[/align]


[align=center]The Wasp soldiers were prepared, six of them striking the group, an epic battle waged, some of the members being stung and almost perishing.. two of the antidotes needing to be used before they finally bested their foe and harvested the Venom.[/align]


[align=center]The group journeyed back to the house, Ren spending the night in the infirmary. Jaz had to inform Ren that her spinal cord was snapped, confirming that Ren would never walk again... Ren decided to take a warriors death, and ended her life with the help of Jaz, a sad day for the Coven to lose one of the family..[/align]


[align=center](This was a super fun DM event held by Liliro Liro for the Mischiefs Coven members! :D Everyone almost died and someone actually ended up dead! ( RIP Ren, its cool they rerolled to an awesome Roe :D) If you want to get involved with us, we do have a few more spots open to join the Family! Just Contact Liliro liro in game or on Discord Liliro#6860 for more info!)[/align]

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[align=center]"Even Criminals need team building.."[/align]

[align=center]RP With members of THIEF (Mini Event!)[/align]







[align=center]Mistress Mischief had decided it was time for the Coven to bond more as a team. And what better way to do that than some team-building exercises! She called everyone into the lobby and split them into two teams of four. Team Super awesome Team, and Team Delta Wolf Fabulous.[/align]



[align=center]The groups met lili outside, where she promptly decided to tie one foot from each person together, they had to work as a team to reach the other end of the Lavender beds, by the docks, Many fell, tripped, stumbled. The losing team was forced to remove an item of clothing! Team super awesome Team won the race![/align]







[align=center]The next game was simple, Lili threw eight coins into the lake, the first team to retrieve four coins, one each won the game! The teams stripped off, and in they went, splashing and dashing, Team super awesome team won that one as well![/align]



[align=center]The final game was a hide n seek, mistress Lili was hiding somewhere in the Lavender beds, the first team to find her won the game and won the grand prize of fifty thousand gil each! It took them a while, but both teams actually found her at the same time, so she decided to award both teams equally.[/align]



[align=center](This was a little impromptu Mini event which had 9 people attend without prior warning! Its great to see the FC so active even when the event wasnt pre-planned! If you'd like to get involved, give me or Kasi nebuko a poke! I also have discord. Liliro#6860[/align]

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[align=center]"Dancing with Beastmen."[/align]

[align=center]RP event with THIEF! (DM event)[/align]







[align=center]The group were given a mission, Lili had learned of a valuable resource the beastmen were digging up in Outer La Noscea, Mithril. She wanted it, and wasn't prepared to pay for it. The job was simple, go in, either sneaking or blagging their way in, find the mithril and get out, a ship was waiting in overlook to carry the cargo home.[/align]


[align=center]The group set off, making their way to camp overlook where their journey began. They travelled to the entrance to the cave, halted by a suspicious guard, the beastmen didn't like the Eorzeans at the best of times, so it took some convincing. They finally managed to persuade their way in with the promise of trade, once inside they found the boss.[/align]



[align=center]The boss looked at the group, deciding that a sword one of the group had was valuable, and struck a deal in exchange for the mithril, The group handed over the sword, but the boss was crafty! calling in guards to kill the Eorzeans without holding up their end of the bargain! A fight raged, the Thieves triumphant. They recovered the sword, and begun navigating their way through the labyrinth mine.[/align]



[align=center]The group took various wrong turns, before they finally found the mithril room, the Boss pleading for his life inside. Kasi made a decision, and struck the boss down, Who was chanting a summon! His body begun to glow, as the group hastily ran over to the mechanical cart which would pull all the mithril to safety. The group were against the clock, Titan was being summoned and they hadn't long! They begun pushing as the Cart wouldnt start..[/align]



[align=center]Percy, being the tinkerer discovered it needed fuel, and shortly found some. He begun filling as quick as possible and got the engine started! The group climbed on and begun driving out when titan begun chasing them through the labyrinth, thankfully the group didnt make a wrong turn, and Jean threw some bombs to slow the primal, however ended up caving in the mine, the group just escaping the collapse..[/align]



[align=center](This was hilarious! thank you to everyone who came along this was a real treat. DMed by Liliro liro, if you wanna get involved, poke me!) [/align]

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[align=center]"...We gotta cook."[/align]

[align=center]RP Mini event with THIEF![/align]



[align=center]700x394https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/287565043996819457/287565222607060992/Liliro_Liro_22_02_2017_03_17_11.jpg[/img] [/align]



[align=center]Liliro decided it was time to put the new alchemy station to good use, and called everyone in. She had a lesson planned, a lesson in cooking... cooking drugs of course![/align]



The drug in question was Milkweed:  A strong Hallucinogenic, and very toxic to the mortal races. It's used commonly by the Slyphs outside of Gridania. It can, and will, send you into toxic shock and death if taken in any significant doses, as it is very toxic and poisonous to us. Though some mortals still try it and add it to strengthen other substances. 


She lined up her students, and demonstrated the best way of extracting milkweed from the milkroot plant, by entering a syringe into the stem adding the contents to a solution. Once the contents were extracted they were then heated in the furnace. And thus milkweed was born!


The group did fairly well, making above average batches of milkweed. Liliro was very pleased with the result, and will do more lessons in the future!


(This was a little mini impromptu event! Gotta cook all those drugs. Recruitment is still very much open if you wish to join! :D)

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[align=center]"The Union"[/align]

[align=center]Marriage between Kasi Nebuko & Liliro Liro, with the Mischief's Coven, Azeyma's Oath, Shroudwolf Clan, & Friends[/align]

[align=center]March 7th, 2017[/align]







Kasi and Liliro's wedding had been a long time coming since they first met at the Coven some months earlier. A whole lot had changed- and even more for the two of them- but still they kept moving forward. The ceremony solidified their bond as one. They were joined by friends, family, and even extended families too- with a reception at the tavern after the ceremony was over. It was the first time, and last, anyone would see Kasi in a dress.




Artwork by http://lunie-junk.tumblr.com[/align]

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Hey y'all! 


This is just a heads-up that we're closing recruitment for the Mischief's Coven after a rather explosive amount of growth here in the last few weeks. Once the new blood evens out a bit and the churn is under control, we'll reopen recruitment again. If you have any questions, feel free to pass a note to either Liliro Liro or myself!


Of course, we still very much welcome new independent contractors to our linkshell in the meantime!

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[align=center]"A bonding of kin."[/align]

[align=center]RP event with THIEF![/align]



[align=center]Lili had noticed a rather rapid growth of members within the last few weeks, Many initiates trying to make their way in the family. She decided it was time to host a little relaxation event, where new and old family could interact, mingle, drink and have an entertaining evening![/align]




[align=center]Lili decided to host a couple games, alongside a BBQ. The first game was simple, everyone had to sit in pairs, and find out as much about their partner as possible within the time limit, then all the pairs got switched up! It was a wonderful moment for everyone to become better acquainted.[/align]



[align=center]After about half hour of that Lili brought forth the second game! The game was called murderer, everyone sat in a circle with an egg, and one person was the murderer. Each round the people would be blindfolded,  and the murderer would kill two people, smashing their eggs. Then the blindfolds would come off, and the group had to pick someone to execute and interrogate, if they execute the murderer they win![/align]






[align=center](this was a super fun event, even criminals need to let a load off once in a while! We are recruiting two more family members to come join our troupe. If you want to get involved with us, poke me at Liliro#6860 or in-game! Thanks!) [/align]

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[align=center]"A bonding of kin."[/align]

[align=center]RP event with THIEF![/align]



[align=center]Lili had noticed a rather rapid growth of members within the last few weeks, Many initiates trying to make their way in the family. She decided it was time to host a little relaxation event, where new and old family could interact, mingle, drink and have an entertaining evening![/align]




[align=center]Lili decided to host a couple games, alongside a BBQ. The first game was simple, everyone had to sit in pairs, and find out as much about their partner as possible within the time limit, then all the pairs got switched up! It was a wonderful moment for everyone to become better acquainted.[/align]



[align=center]After about half hour of that Lili brought forth the second game! The game was called murderer, everyone sat in a circle with an egg, and one person was the murderer. Each round the people would be blindfolded,  and the murderer would kill two people, smashing their eggs. Then the blindfolds would come off, and the group had to pick someone to execute and interrogate, if they execute the murderer they win![/align]






[align=center](this was a super fun event, even criminals need to let a load off once in a while! We are recruiting two more family members to come join our troupe. If you want to get involved with us, poke me at Liliro#6860 or in-game! Thanks!) [/align]

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[align=center]"The haunting of our past.."[/align]

[align=center]trilogy Story event with THIEF![/align]



[align=center]PART 1[/align]



[align=center]It all started about a month ago, Lili heard word of a shipwreck carrying wonderful treasure. She sent the Coven to the Isles of Umbra, to retrieve this loot, but what they were met with, was quite unexpected...[/align]



[align=center]They landed on the Isles of Umbra, faced with a couple of pirate scallywags which were assumed to be there for the same reason, they faught the foes, quickly bringing them down. Koma and Z boarded the pirates nearby ship, killing everyone on board however one of the pirates threw a lamp towards a keg of gunpowder, Koma and Z making a narrow escape before it exploded. [/align]



[align=center]The troupe continued onwards, meeting two more pirates, however these were battle hardened and damaged the group before they were finally struck down. The Coven found the loot, it was... just sitting there, untouched, but in a nice neat pile. No pirates, no one around, it was just there. The Coven decided to nab the loot, before making their way back to the Coven.[/align]







[align=center]PART 2- The kidnap[/align]



[align=center]The Coven were out one day, they came back to the tavern to find the entire place upside down, blood everywhere, the shark gone.. It seemed the mistress was no where to be found! The group searched for clues, finding the mistress's knives drenched in blood, they managed to find a mysterious wine bottle, something we did not stock, Wineport Red. they travelled to wineport to figure out who the bottle belonged to, the wine seller spoke of a man who had purchased every single bottle, finally they had a lead![/align]



[align=center]They found the man in Aleport, who was super upset, apparently his collection of wineport red was stolen, and all that was found was a receipt of a tavern in lower la noscea, the plot thickens! they travelled to the tavern where they found a woman working there, after interrogating her they discovered the girl was the wench of an infamous pirate. They managed to find out the pirates whereabouts and went forth to Eastern La nocsea, to a small hut in the jungle. [/align]



[align=center]They charged inside, finding nothing but the mistress, beaten and passed out, holding a mysterious gold skull coin. once the mistress came to, she explained that the treasure they stole was cursed, and we would all soon be dead, if we didn't find two more coins like the one she held... and returned them to Umbra.[/align]



[align=center]PART 3- A coin to be found! (With Knights of Eorzea!)[/align]



[align=center]The group catch wind of an excavation site outside the forgotten springs in Southern Thanalan. They decide to journey forth, learning that the site had found some artifacts matching the description of their coin. They were met by a Vigilante group called the Knights of Eorzea. The Coven aided them in killing a foe, in return the vigilante group decided to look the other way whilst the Coven conducted their search. [/align]



[align=center]The Coven tortured the foreman, learning that the coin was being held in Little Ala mihgo, they begun their search, going from trader to trader before finally finding the coin of the description! After a bunch of bartering, they finally got their hands on the second coin.[/align]







[align=center]PART 4 FINALE- The ghosts of your past.[/align]



[align=center]The Coven find out the destination of the final missing coin, its being studied by a group of scholars south of Camp dragonhead. The group set forth, trudging through the thick blizzard.. however something keeps appearing in the distance, a familar figure to some. A figure that couldnt possibly be there.[/align]



[align=center]They reach the town to find it deserted, they journey to the Scholar's tower to find it abandoned, no lights, and it was freezing, dark.. The group slowly walk up the stairs, looking for clues or the coin, Andre lit the way, making a small flame in his hands, however the flame kept going out, like a match.. they reach the first floor, as Andre lit his flame three Scholars stood there, their faces bloody and their mouths wide open in a silent scream, as the flame went out it became pitchblack, when the flame relit... the ghosts were gone.[/align]



[align=center]They continued onto the second floor, once again Andre lit his flame, they were greeted by four people, dismembered, bloody and staring in the same way as the scholars. It was Lars' father, Z's Father, Elysa and Sathral, deceased members of the Coven. They screamed "WHY" before they too, vanished. The group, incredibly shaken, pushed on, to the final floor.[/align]



[align=center]They reached the final floor, Andre's light going out, some of the members feeling a sharp pain on their back, as if a claw dragged down it, when Andre relit, they were met with a room of chaos, blood everywhere, and a body, lying down dead. [/align]



[align=center]The group discover a parchment on the body, pointing them into the direction of the coin. The group set off, fear slowly taking a hold of them. They appoached the scene, and what they were greeted by were a sea of bodies, as if freshly killed... These weren't just any bodies though, but the bodies of every person they have collectively killed. They had to search for the coin, amongst the dead.[/align]



[align=center]They found the final coin, not before most of the Coven, traumatised as their past came back to haunt them. They quickly travelled to the Isles of umbra, and to the loot they took from. They were greeted with a long line of people, from the dead they stood and watched, as Kasi finally put the coins back, the Ghosts disappeared, it seems the nightmare was over, the curse... lifted.[/align]



[align=center](THIS, was a 4 part Event taking place over the span of a month! This was super super fun and allowed ALOT of character development to occur. Thank you everyone who took part, if you want to get involved, look me up in game or on discord Liliro#6860)[/align]

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[align=center]"Saving a pirate... our pirate!"[/align]

[align=center]RP with THIEF and Talan (USH)[/align]



[align=center]The Coven had many connections throughout Eorzea, one particularly handy one was with the Twin Adders, they had a few within who were corrupt enough to help the Coven from time to time for some nice pay. [/align]



[align=center]Lili had been informed that one of her own, a K'ym had been captured by the Wood Wailers, and was being escorted to Prison, to be executed! Mistress assembled the Coven, and explained the plan. The plan was simple, go to Tam Tara where the wailers were keeping her, free her and come on home.[/align]



[align=center]The group set off, and before long found their way to Tam Tara, seeing K'ym beaten and bound, with a few Wailers around her. The fight begun, the Coven managing to kill the Wailers guarding her... but it was all a trap. Behind them, a Dark Knight vigilante by the name of Talan Yeager stood in the doorway, more Wood Wailers in front of him. It seems he'd planned this, get the Coven into a small area.[/align]



[align=center]The Coven fought valiantly, fending off the Wailers, half the group managed to escape with K'ym, a few more fending off the Dark knight. The Coven encountered heavy injuries in their rescue mission, but luckily they all got home alive... The Dark knight Talan planning his next move.[/align]



[align=center](This was a fun event involving Talan from USH! Poor K'ym :3 If you would like to get involved with us, poke me on discord Liliro#6860, here, or in game! We have a couple of slots left in the FC until we reach our member limit :o GET YOURS NOW!)[/align]

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[align=center]"Thieving 101."[/align]

[align=center]RP with THIEF and the RP community in Ul'dah![/align]



[align=center]It was a slow day, not much happening, people just getting drunk at the bar. Mistress decided it was time for a little lesson, an essential skill is being light-fingered, a skill she believed got her to where she was.[/align]

[align=center]She called the Coven into the lobby, and explained that today, they were all going on a little trip to Ul'dah... to pick some pockets of course![/align]







[align=center]The group journeyed to Ul'dah, and were given a simple task. Steal from as many people as you can, and the person who steals from the most marks or the most valuable item wins! So the group set off, consisting of Lars, Andre, Ina, Krevh, K'ym, Devin and the mistress herself. [/align]



[align=center]The group managed to haul in quite a few shiny items, some aetheric bombs.. a sentimental watch which was later held for ransom and an abundance of gil. Lars won the game, snatching that watch which she bargained for in exchange for some nice trinkets. [/align]



[align=center](This was a fun little mini event for the FC, playing a big part in our outreach program! Every mark was treated with respect and kindness oocly, asking for permission before every interaction! Thank you all for being such good sports! If you want to get involved, I believe we have... ONE SPOT open before we shut up our recruitment due to member ship limit! Contact me here, in game or on discord: Liliro#6860 for more info!) 




[align=center]"Just a usual day for the Coven..."[/align]

[align=center]Spontaneous RP with the community at the Tavern?![/align]



[align=center]We opened up the tavern as always, and as always people came flooding through the door! For a good ale, lively chitchat, maybe a brawl or two, this shady bar is clearly the talk of the town! All sorts of people showed up, our good neighbours from Oath included! [/align]







[align=center](This was just one of our nightly RP sessions we do every night! It usually gets this lively, its nice to know that the RP keeps churning outside of events. We really are this active! If you want to get involved, then gimme a poke! (details above))[/align]

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