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Friends high and low

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As the title implies, I'm simply looking to make connections for Django.


To summarize him quick and easy, he's one of those misunderstood delinquent types. Sure he's rough around the edges, always willing to throw a punch, and might do a few questionable things, but his heart is usually within the right place. Usually. This can extend to someone who he just goes around and bugs, to even having a friend that looks out for him and keeps him from doing something stupid.


Hell, family is even more than welcome. Just keep in mind his parents are most definitely dead.


Other than that, if you're up for having a rough and tumble friend who'd be there for ya through thick and thin, feel free to let me know. I'm always looking for RP buddies, after all!

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Hey there! I'll toss Kasi into the ring here. I'm always looking for a few more connections for her that'll pop up fairly frequently. Have you come up with a basic RPC Wiki biography for Django yet? 


Just with what you've said here so far, I could pitch Kasi a number of ways. She's always looking for a good friendly brawl for starters- even something as simple as arm wrestling. If he's doing questionable things it's entirely possible someone might take a contract out on him that'd involve a mercenary like Kasi. Kasi's got her own moral code she lives by- way of the warrior. You're certainly welcome to browse Kasi's RPC page and let me know if something else catches your eye!

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Well, to be honest, no. I haven't made a page for him there. Wouldn't even know how to start, looking at it. But, I've been getting a Googledoc together for him to try and get it all sorted out.


Given how Django acts, odds are it'd be some sort of misunderstanding. Like beating on some sort of politicians man-child of a son or something. That'd be one reason if Kasi were to be after him. Besides, despite him being a highlander, he just got hit hard by puberty.


In other words, barely an adult of Nineteen.


Django is still relatively new, but this is exactly why I can see this working out rather well! I can see a sort of mentor sort of thing happening, if it works out. But, that's of course up to you. What do you think?

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Wiki formatting isn't TOO bad. If you want a quick and easy start, just login to the Wiki (make an account if needed) and click the Edit tab on Kasi's page. You can copy and paste this for your own, then just modify the content for Django. Some folks have much more fancy pages but I'm an advocate for the KISS principle. 


I see! That actually could work rather well for an initial encounter- Kasi comes after Django as part of a small bounty that some stuck-up Ul'dahn politician put out. Of course, seeing that he's just a kid- a reality not conveyed to her when she took the job- is going to change some things pretty fast. Kasi might be a mercenary for hire, and have almost as much combat experience as Django is old, but she tries to avoid violent outcomes (it attracts attention and is bad for business). It could end up with them making a deal of some sort, and that could lead to a mentorship potentially. 


How's that strike you?

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