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Quarterly Roleplay Exchange

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Hey there, Balmung!


Intimidated by walk-up RP?  Leery of approaching new people?  Well, the Roleplay Exchange is a quarterly solution to all your ice-breaking problems!  The Roleplay Exchange is intended to help facilitate roleplay between individuals and provide paths of opportunity in a less stressful way than blind approaches.  It is our hope that this will help draw people in our community together for some fun and finding new connections!


How to Play

We have a handy-dandy sign-up form through Google Docs. Residents of Balmung are welcome to sign up to participate. Each entrant will submit their name, their Hydaelyn Roleplayers username, timezone and availability, along with a brief plothook -- a scenario or theme by which to get involved with them. Plothooks can be serious or silly, mundane or extraordinary. It's up to you!


Entries will be taken until March 25th, 2017 at 7pm, an hour before we start pairing names.  We'll use an online randomizer to input everyone and match them up.  Afterward, we'll release the spreadsheet containing all the information, whereupon everyone will be able to see who drew whom and how to contact them. 


If you wish to withdraw your participation at any time, please contact either Syranelle Ironleaf or Zhan'a Rakhin and let us know so we can adjust the roster.




1.) You MUST have an active Hydaelyn Roleplayers account.

2.) One entry per Character. Duplicate character entries will be removed.

3.) Plothooks can be serious or silly, whatever fits the theme/purpose of your Character.

4.) Please keep all plothooks PG/PG-13; no mature/adult themes to keep the event accessible to everyone.

5.) No re-draws! If you don't like/want who you've drawn, you do not get an immediate re-draw. You will be placed in reserves in case of a cancellation or withdrawal.

6.) The Chroniclers will not be held responsible for the quality/kind of RP you arrange as a result of this event. However, do let us know if someone doesn't provide you with RP at all. That goes against the very nature of this event. We'll do our best to provide something, if another individual/group fails to.

7.) Alts are welcome to participate!




Q:  Why do I need to register on Hydaelyn Roleplayers?


A:  First, we want to support our community forum and roleplay hub!  Secondly, it’s a much easier way of keeping in contact with everyone that participates, instead of resorting to in-game mails and searches.


Q:  How long/short should my plothook be?


A:  As long you need it to be to get your point across.  I advise keeping plothooks short, since I'll have to convey them to participants.  Here's a sample of mine:  You find one of Syranelle's books at the Carline Canopy.  It has a bunch of history and relic research about Gelmorra.  You should probably return it to her.


Q:  Can I make separate entries for my main and my alternate character(s)?


A:  Yup!  As long as you aren't making multiple entries for the same individual character, it's all good!



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