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Free to Good Home: Maid Attire (NA)


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Hello all.


Alia's Butler Attire raffle reminded me I had spare set of NA Summer DLC codes and that they will expire soon. I've found good homes for all of the items except that of the Maid Attire, and I am hoping to remedy that.


If you would like it--either for yourself or a friend--please post your interest in this thread. All I ask is that it is used by the intended recipient and not sold.


I will check back in 24 hours (8 PM ET, 12/29) and choose a winner at random from those who are interested.


Thanks! :tonberry:

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My four-sided die landed on 3, which means SapphireSkylines has won!


I have sent you a PM with the code, Sapphire. If I do not hear back from you by noon ET tomorrow, 12/30, I will choose a new winner from the remaining interested parties.


Thank you all!


Edit: Sapphire has confirmed receipt!

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