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  1. Singles night is TOMORROW! (or today, depending upon your time zone) We hope to see you there!
  2. After the success of our Poetry Night, Singles Night once again rolls around! Come meet that special someone, wearing the appropriate Red, Blue or Purple, depending upon who you're seeking. We open on Thursday, 9/7, beginning at 7pm Central until around 10pm.
  3. You have three more days to write up your poems and get ready to read them! Join in on the fun!
  4. The event is next week! You still have time to write your poetry to compete in the contest, or just have your work heard by your friends.
  5. Singles night is TONIGHT! Come find that special someone or have a drink with friends!
  6. Singles Night is in two days! Please feel free to drop by and have a drink and maybe find that special someone.
  7. [align=center] Are you a poet? Do you have a competitive side? Do you want to prove just how good a poet you are? Prove it at The Restless Poetry Slam! Along with our customary great service, we are proud to host a chance for the poets of Eorzea to show off their skills amidst a crowd of avid listeners. Regale the crowd with your finest rhymes. Be it in meter or not, in couplets or tercets or quatrains, all is welcome. Don’t feel like being in the contest but you still want to perform you piece? Feel free! Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the contest, and a s
  8. Drop on by! You don't have to be seeking a partner to have fun with us. Come by and say hi!
  9. We will. We usually have a singles night once every four weeks or so.
  10. We're opening up our Singles Night again on Thursday, 8/10 at 7pm CDT! All are welcome to join us, but if you're looking for that special someone, wearing the appropriate Red, Blue or Purple will help! Come join us for drinks and fun!
  11. As the expansion dust has settled, it's time to get back to business as usual. That includes the Wayfarer's Rest, which will be opening their doors again this Thursday, July 27th from 7pm CDT! Feel free to drop on by and have a drink, meet some new people, and talk with the lovely wait staff.
  12. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything substantial and that this may qualify as thread necro, but I could really use a hug right now. I'd rather not explain why, but it'd be really nice. Besides, the hugs thread could use some activity.
  13. Is it too late to enter? 1: Company Tabard 2: High House Bustle 3: Morpho 4: Lesser Panda 5: High House Justaucorps
  14. Just an update regarding character information after a very long absence. I've changed mains and made my old character mysteriously disappear, so I figured a some modification was warranted.
  15. With Heavensward early access a day away and father's day around the corner, I feel some people could use some hugs, for whatever reason you may need it. So here.
  16. On top of Eleni's super awesome hugs, I'll add some hugs for those who really feel need it. You know who you are.
  17. Many hugs for you. There needs to be more hugs in the world. (Sorry that there's no fun .gif; I'm on my phone right now) I could use a hug. Had a rough night last night, and it's decided to follow me through this morning.
  18. I'd love to. I'll bring the hot cocoa. Nest + Cocoa = comfort. Bold added for emphasis, because truth. Thank you.
  19. Hugs for everyone who needs one! I have no fancy gifs because I'm on my phone, but I hope it finds you all better. I could use a hug. Something happened a couple weeks ago that really messed me up. I didn't realize until today how much it truly affected me. Somethings are just harder to get over, I guess.
  20. M'hatya reads a lot when no one's around, usually novels or books on magical theory that she doesn't understand at all. She also writes in her journal a lot, and when she's inspired, she does charcoal drawings and simple oil paintings.
  21. This pretty much sums up how I feel about anyone I see from the RPC in game. I try and summon the will to say something, but all that effort typically goes into running the other way. :blush: I may have only recently returned to game, but I've been lurking in the background since I began playing a year ago (saying nothing due to perpetual shyness). Here's my list: Sounsyy (who, by common consensus, is the resident lore goddess and must be shown respect, but from the little I've let myself read of her character's wiki, seems really interesting) Roen Deneith (I was an Eberron fan,
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