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Not exactly "new", but hello!


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Hi there! I'm pretty awful at introductions, but here goes nothing, I guess.


I transferred to Balmung some... three weeks ago or so and intended to post here, yet never did, heh. I've brought over two characters so far-- Cyrillien Vaubriet and Oriolt Grennell. The community seems pretty nice (and super active!) from what I've been seeing ingame and on tumblr. 


In regards to RP-- I take two different approaches with both of the characters I've transferred.


Cyrillien is a more complicated, quiet, cautious person. A little more thinking has to go into his interactions, so the response time is often slower, especially if he's alone. So for any substantial RP (several paragraphs, basically anything more than dialogue and a couple of sentences), I prefer Discord or any other program that might be suggested. I'm not against walkups with this guy, but a tell in advance is nice :D


Oriolt is much more outgoing and it's easier to roleplay ingame with her at a regular pace. 


There's character info on my tumblr over here, although it's still being updated. Feel free to say hello if you see me around!

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