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Had some thoughts [again].

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I've been wondering about some things again- I know, dangerous, right? But I just wanted to poke at it with everyone, as it involves general RP etiquette, I guess, and I know everyone here is much different than previous communities that I have been a part of.


I feel kind of like it's a "stupid question," but then again, the only stupid ones are the ones that go unasked! So here goes.


I know most people seem to just follow the general storyline that's in the game (to a degree). Everyone's against the Garleans, everyone's affected by Dalamud, everyone seems to set on that storyline, and I know that's part of the game and lore, so that's all good.


But what about player stories/arcs? I don't mean this as in creating a story and ignoring the game's, but more-so a little sub-plot in comparison to the larger over-world plot? Not huge ones or anything, but not necessarily as small as some love scandal, either.


Is that generally acceptable? Do people avoid it?


Where I've come from in RP communities, everything (including the "main" and "overworld" plot) was entirely player created. So to come to a game that actually has an already existing plotline, I'm not sure where the boundary lies.


Thank you!

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It's extreeemely common for people to make up their own plots. That's part of why people join LSs, imo. As a group, linkshells often create their own story arcs. As a rule of thumb, most groups (just like in creating a character) try and keep their plots within the lore of the game and it's really not as hard as it may seem. Need a shadowy organization to plague you during you story arc? Make one up! As long as it doesn't challenge lore, who cares? :D

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I personally like to think FFXIV's main story arc is simply something in the background that influences the world itself. It might come up every now and again, but for the most part it's something that isn't really touched, at least in my case. Given the nature of most MMO storylines, if some one tries to roleplay publicly that they're a central character, or that they killed so and so, it's obviously going to cause issues.


So in the grand scheme of things, I'd like to think that the main storyline doesn't really come into play for most people. There might be people who want to roleplay it within their own little circles, and that's absolutely okay, but when it bleeds over to the public and some one starts pushing that they're sort of "above" everyone else it's bound to cause issues. It's more or less in the same realm as god-moding, and that is obviously unacceptable behavior for most people.


That said, I think most people prefer to just have their own story arcs set within the bounds of the world that has been established. If they choose to include elements from the main storyline, they're usually ones that everyone can participate in. For example, I know my character fought in the war as far as 1.0 is concerned. He was a Lieutenant with the Immortal Flames, and was rather consistently battling the Garleans. I know I almost always went out of my way to head off the invasion events when they popped up and was usually in-character for them. It's something that was available to everyone, and wasn't necessarily central to the storyline while still being a part of it.


There's extremes, and it's usually easy to know when you're crossing them.

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Another aspect of creating plotlines is to consider the participants' suspension of disbelief. Some RPers do not tolerate any breaks in lore. If these RPers are unwilling to compromise to RP, that is their choice.


Holding a public RP story arc is not a bad idea, but be aware that some people will not join because of how the story affects the lore - or is unaffected by it, depending on your perspective.


Xenedra brings up a good point: many LS form their own groups story arcs in order to counter-act public backlash. 


For example, I remember hearing about an LS that RPed dragons in human form and had their own stories. In order to adjust for public RP, they refrained from using their true powers when interacting with the humanoid races. 


If you wanted to create a totally original plot/story that merely pulls from some aspects of FFXIV lore, I advise forming a close-knit group and developing some a plot-device to "adjust" your character(s) when interacting with the public.

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Just echoing Tyonis's post: some groups do choose to run a story arc that steps outside the realm of lore currently offered by the game itself. While outside groups can't necessarily say "NO! THIS IS WRONG D:!" if you choose to make your plot public, they can choose to ignore your story arc. Another, kinder way to remove one's self from an awkward lore-clash rp situation is simply to have your character think that they person telling them about lore breaking happenings is a nut-job. Crazier than a sack of coeurls. Flipped like a flap-jack.


I say all this, but don't be afraid to create something new if it's reasonable. There's a fi-i-i-i-ine line between inventive and crazy. For example: my character was once given a crystal that makes different noises when you hold it, based in the emotions you're feeling. Is it lore breaking? Probably. Does it actually effect game cannon in any way? Not really and it does make for amusing shenanigans.


Ultimately if you're with a group that is not ok with lore-breaking and you are, or vice-versa, maybe you need to find another group : P.

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